IHF Trophy Africa - Continental Phase to start

02 Aug. 2018

IHF Trophy Africa - Continental Phase to start

After a number of regional IHF Trophy tournaments throughout the different zones of African handball this past year all the winning teams will descend upon Kigali, Rwanda, as it hosts the IHF Trophy Africa - Continental Phase from 8-12 August.

The tournament will feature two age categories – Junior (born on or after 1 January 1998) and Youth (born on or after 1 January 2000) – with the best two teams from both categories advancing to the IHF Trophy Intercontinental Phase, to be held later this year.

The winners of the eventual IHF Trophy Intercontinental Junior competition earn an automatic spot at the 2019 IHF Men’s Junior (U21) World Championship in Spain.

In Rwanda, all games will be held at the Kimisagara Youth Sport Centre in Kigali with the Junior category featuring Senegal (SEN), Nigeria (NGR), Madagascar (MAD), Rwanda (RWA), DR Congo (COD) and Cameroon (CMR) and the Youth category featuring Guinea (GUI), Niger (NGR), Kenya (KEN), DR Congo, Cameroon and Zambia (ZAM).

In 2019, the IHF Trophy will be for junior and youth women with the same format and qualification potential for the following years’ IHF Junior World Championships.

The IHF Trophy will then continue to alternate between men’s and women’s competitions each year.

IHF Trophy Africa - Continental Phase

Match Schedule

All times local

Youth Competition

Group A: COD, ZAM, KEN

Group B: NGR, CMR, GUI

Wednesday 8 August

10:30     COD-ZAM

12:30     NGR-CMR

Thursday 9 August

10:30     COD-KEN

12:30     NGR-GUI

Friday 10 August

10:30     ZAM-KEN

12:30     CMR-GUI

Saturday 11 August

08:30     Placement 5/6

10:30     Semi-Final 1

12:30     Semi-Final 2

Sunday 12 August

10:30     Bronze

14:30     Final

Junior Competition

Group A: COD, NGR, CMR

Group B: RWA, SEN, MAD

Wednesday 8 August

14:30     COD-NGR

16:30     RWA-SEN

Thursday 9 August

14:30     NGR-CMR

16:30     SEN-MAD

Friday 10 August

14:30     COD-CMR

16:30     RWA-MAD

Saturday 11 August

16:30     Semi-Final 1

18:30     Semi-Final 2

Sunday 12 August

08:30     Placement 5/6

12:30     Bronze

16:30     Final