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IHF Anti-Doping Unit: More safety through tested nutrition supplements

in 2001 a study funded by the IOC showed that about 15% of the analyzed nutritional supplements obtained in 13 different countries contained anabolic substances, which were not declared on the product label.

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Principles and Values Associated with Clean Sport

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IHF Anti-Doping Education Plan 2022-2025

2021 International Standard for Education

2019 Men's Junior U21 WCh ESP - Educational Outreach Report

POLADA Education - 2018 Women's Youth U18 WCh in Kielce POL

2018 Men PanAm GRL AD Education photos

RUSADA Anti-Doping Education - 2018 Men's & Women's Beach WCh RUS

QADC and IHF Education Session 18 October 2018