Nigeria take continental honours

13 Aug. 2018

Nigeria take continental honours

After five competitions days at the IHF Trophy Africa in Rwanda, both Nigeria teams went all the way, taking gold at the Continental Phase of the competition. In the youth category, they outclassed Guinea in the final 45:31, while the junior team clinched a one-goal win against Democratic Republic of Congo (27:26) to take the title and represent Africa at the Intercontinental Trophy next year. The bronze medals went to Democratic Republic of Congo (Youth) and Senegal (Junior), who beat Zambia and hosts Rwanda, respectively.

Nigeria, who entered the tournament in Rwanda’s capital Kigali as winners of the IHF Trophy Africa - Zone III, finished with a perfect record, remaining unbeaten in both competitions. Guinea, youth runners-up, only had to admit defeat against Nigeria – once in the group phase (25:39) in Group B and a second time in the final – while Democratic Republic of Congo, undefeated in Group A, had to settle for the bronze-medal match after they lost the semi-final to Guinea.

In the junior competition, the situation was very similar as runners-up Democratic Republic of Congo were also beaten only by Nigeria in the preliminary round and the final, while Senegal, who remained undefeated in the group phase, lost their semi-final to Democratic Republic of Congo narrowly by one goal. In a thrilling match for third place Senegal claimed bronze as they clinched a two-goal victory versus the hosts. 



1. Nigeria (NGR)

2. Guinea (GUI)

3. Democratic Republic of Congo (COD)

4. Zambia (ZAM)

5. Cameroon (CMR)


1. Nigeria (NGR)

2. Democratic Republic of Congo (COD)

3. Senegal (SEN)

4. Rwanda (RWA)

5. Cameroon (CMR)

6. Madagascar (MAD)


Youth Competition

Group A: COD, ZAM, KEN*

Group B: NGR, CMR, GUI

COD-ZAM 36:22

NGR-CMR 30:19

COD-KEN 39:24

NGR-GUI 39:25

ZAM-KEN 32:33

CMR-GUI 30:37

Placement 5/6 KEN-CMR 30:40

Semi-final 1 COD-GUI 29:38

Semi-final 2 NGR-ZAM 50:20

Bronze COD-ZAM 52:33

Final GUI-NGR 31:45

*As they did not meet the IHF Regulations, Kenya are not included in the ranking.

Junior Competition

Group A: COD, NGR, CMR

Group B: RWA, SEN, MAD

COD-NGR 20:30

RWA-SEN 31:33

NGR-CMR 41:29

SEN-MAD 41:20

COD-CMR 31:25

RWA-MAD 42:31

Placement 5/6 CMR-MAD 43:38

Semi-final 1 NGR-RWA 43:29

Semi-final 2 SEN-COD 39:40

Bronze RWA-SEN 37:39

Final NGR-COD 27:26

Photos: Rwanda Handball Federation