CCM Member Landuré: “A good representation of the future of Chinese handball”

01 Jan. 2020

CCM Member Landuré: “A good representation of the future of Chinese handball”

IHF Commission of Coaching and Methods (CCM) member Paul Landuré delivered a successful coaches’ course in the People’s Republic of China throughout late October and early November.

Following on from the successful Handball at School Programme ([email protected]) in May, which saw more than 300 participants obtain their D-licence, the coaches’ course was held as part of the IHF New Markets’ Project, which focuses on growing handball in key markets.

Nearly 100 coaches were in attendance on the course, which consisted of a number of different topics including; playing philosophy, players’ education process (Under 10 and later), training organisation and basic repertoire of training forms for training units, individual training (contents and organisation), basic collaboration in attack and defence and basic physical training.

The topics were delivered throughout via either theoretical or practical sessions with all levels of men’s and women’s coaches from U10s up to senior level in attendance.

“It was a good representation of the future of Chinese handball,” said Landuré to “The motivation of the Chinese Handball Association (CHA), with their investment in coach and player educational process, and a good connection with schools, will help to prepare a better education in the future and is very important.

“I was astonishing about the organisation of the school centres,” he added. “How they have a good basic organisation to train their teams at each level. I really think Chinese handball can improve their level with better guidelines about the player’s education process. 

“The CHA President is very motivated about this players' education process inside the association, plus all the coaches are motivated too, to improve the level of players – especially the young players. They asked a lot of questions and observed attentively.”