USA take double gold in NACHC beach champs, book tickets to China

18 Apr. 2024

USA take double gold in NACHC beach champs, book tickets to China

The north-eastern coastal city of Carolina in Puerto Rico welcomed 11 teams from across the North America and the Caribbean Handball Confederation (NACHC) region as it hosted the third edition of the NACHC Men’s and Women’s Beach Handball Championship this past weekend (11–14 April).

Men’s and women’s teams from Canada (CAN), Mexico (MEX), Puerto Rico (PUR), Trinidad & Tobago (TTO) and the United States of America (USA), plus the men’s team of St Kitts and Nevis (SKN) competed on the Caribbean island for regional glory and for one of the qualification spots on offer for the 2024 IHF Men’s and Women’s Beach Handball World Championship to be held in Asia later this year.

USA men defend 2022 title

A total of 18 men’s games were played in an initial round-robin group stage. All six teams played five games each with the USA winning all five to end on top with 10 points. After winning their first three 2-0, the USA were then taken to shoot-outs against Mexico and Puerto Rico, winning both 7:6.

Puerto Rico and Trinidad & Tobago tied in second place with three wins each, but the host nation finished in second thanks to the head-to-head result. Canada finished fourth – which included an impressive 8:6 shoot-out win over Mexico, who finished fifth and St. Kitts and Nevis, having lost all five, ended bottom.

Trinidad & Tobago prevailed over Canada to win 2-0 (28:17, 19:15) in the play-off for third place, while the men’s final between the USA and Puerto Rico saw the host nation take the first set (26:20) before the title-holders sprung back to take it to a shoot-out (20:10).

The tense shoot-out saw Puerto Rico save the first attempt and score their first, putting them 2:0 ahead, but after Ebiye Jeremy in the USA goal saved the next two, it was heartbreak for the host nation as their fourth shot – which needed to go in – was looped over the onrushing Jeremy, but agonisingly bounced in the goal and came back out, Ebiye pushing the ball to safety for a 6:2 win.

The result meant the USA retained their 2022 title in a repeat of the final last time around, while Trinidad and Tobago moved up a place, following their fourth spot two years ago.

USA women take gold

The women’s competition saw a total of 12 games played, with the host nation, Puerto Rico, winning all four of their clashes in the preliminary group to finish top – including a 9:8 shoot-out victory against the USA who ended in second spot. Mexico finished third, Trinidad & Tobago fourth and Canada, without a victory, in fifth.

After Mexico had easily seen off Trinidad & Tobago for bronze 2-0 (26:8, 28:14), the rematch of the USA vs Puerto Rico in the final was a one-sided affair, with the US taking a 2-0 (26:10, 20:16) victory for gold.

The result meant they did one better than 2022 when they lost the final to Mexico, while Puerto Rico moved up two places from their 2022 ranking of fourth.

China 2024 qualification secured for four teams

With the final rankings, the top two teams in each competition were confirmed for the upcoming 2024 IHF Men’s and Women’s Beach Handball World Championships, set to take place on Pingtan Island in the People’s Republic of China in June.

The USA men will appear in their fourth, consecutive world championship after making their debut at Hungary 2016 and following it up with appearances at Russia 2018 and Greece in 2022, while Puerto Rico are set for their second appearance after their debut in 2022.

In the women’s competition, the USA will appear in their third edition after appearances in 2018 and 2020, while Puerto Rico’s women will make their world championship debut.

Selected games are available to watch on demand via the Vida Deportes TV YouTube channel.


Men’s Competition
1 United States of America (USA)*
2 Puerto Rico (PUR)*
3 Trinidad & Tobago (TTO)
4 Canada (CAN)
5 Mexico (MEX)
6 St Kitts and Nevis (SKN)

*Qualified for the 2024 IHF Men’s Beach Handball World Championship

Women’s Competition
1 United States of America (USA)*
2 Puerto Rico (PUR)*
3 Mexico (MEX)
4 Trinidad & Tobago (TTO)
5 Canada (CAN)

*Qualified for the 2024 IHF Women’s Beach Handball World Championship


Men’s Competition

Round Robin
USA vs TTO 2-0 (18:16, 32:19)
PUR vs SKN 2-0 (26:13, 20:18)
MEX vs CAN 1-2 (20:18, 10:12, SO 6:8)
TTO vs PUR 1-2 (10:18, 24:16, SO 6:10)
CAN vs USA 0-2 (9:28, 10:16)
SKN vs MEX 0-2 (9:24, 14:32)
USA vs SKN 2-0 (34:6, 32:13)
PUR vs MEX 0-2 (20:21, 12:17)
TTO vs CAN 2-0 (18:8, 9:8)
MEX vs USA 1:2 (14:19, 21:20, SO 6:7)
PUR vs CAN 2-1 (14:15, 16:14, SO 7:6)
SKN vs TTO 0-2 (14:26, 8:30)
CAN vs SKN 2-0 (26:14, 18:15)
MEX vs TTO 1-2 (19:23, 26:12, SO 6:7)
USA vs PUR 2-1 (15:16, 24:12, SO 7:6)

5/6 Placement: MEX vs SKN 2-0 (24:4, 30:10)
3/4 Placement/Bronze: TTO vs CAN 2-0 (28:17, 19:15)
Final/Gold: USA vs PUR 2-1 (20:26, 20:10, SO 6:2)

Women’s Competition

Round Robin
MEX vs TTO 2-0 (21:8, 20:6)
PUR vs CAN 2-0 (22:8, 13:12)
TTO vs USA 0-2 (9:20, 3:16)
CAN vs MEX 0-2 (13:22, 18:24)
USA vs PUR 1-2 (17:6, 15:16, SO 8:9)
TTO vs CAN 2-1 (10:8, 10:13, SO 3:2)
PUR vs MEX 2-1 (17:20, 12:8, SO 8:6)
USA vs CAN 2-0 (30:19, 24:6)
PUR vs TTO 2-0 (18:16, 18:8)
MEX vs USA 0-2 (14:20, 22:26)

3/4 Placement/Bronze: MEX vs TTO 2-0 (26:8, 28:14)
Final/Gold: USA vs PUR 2-0 (26:10, 20:16)

Photo credit: USA Team Handball