Spain 2021: The Best – Preliminary Round

08 Dec. 2021

Spain 2021: The Best – Preliminary Round

Throughout the 2021 IHF Women’s World Championship Preliminary Round, which started on Wednesday 1 December and finished on Tuesday 7 December, a total of 48 matches were played with some impressive individual and team performances, statistically-speaking.

Every single match - like all at Spain 2021 - saw fans have the opportunity to help decide the ‘hummel Player of the Match’ award, via the IHF Official App with the IHF Analyst on site nominating a shortlist of three influential players with five minutes remaining and getting fans to vote.

So far, hosts Spain along with Denmark, Hungary and Sweden have a perfect record – taking all three awards in their three games to date with their continental federation, the European Handball Federation (EHF) winning 33 of the awards on offer. All five confederations represented at Spain 2021 have now won at least one award.

Positionally-speaking, goalkeepers are the most favoured choice, with 12 of the 48 (25%) awards being given to those playing there, while right backs are behind in second place, with nine awards.

And want to know what shirt to wear to be the best? It seems that #1, #12 and #23 are the numbers for you, with four awards each allocated to these shirt wearers, reflecting the strength of goalkeepers – who usually wear #1 and #12.

hummel Player of the Match awards – Spain 2021
(up to end of Preliminary Round, 48 games played)

Per Team

3 – Denmark (DEN), Spain (ESP), Hungary (HUN), Sweden (SWE) – 4 teams

2 – Argentina (ARG), Brazil (BRA), Cameroon (CMR), France (FRA), Germany (GER), Japan (JPN), Republic of Korea (KOR), Montenegro (MNE), Netherlands (NED), Norway (NOR), Poland (POL), Romania (ROU), Slovenia (SLO) – 13 teams

1 – Austria (AUT), Congo (CGO), Croatia (CRO), Czech Republic (CZE), Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Kazakhstan (KAZ), Paraguay (PAR), Puerto Rico (PUR), Russian Handball Federation (RHF), Serbia (SRB) – 10 teams

0 – Angola (ANG), Tunisia (TUN), Uzbekistan (UZB), People’s Republic of China (CHN), Slovakia (SVK) – 5 teams

Per Confederation

African Handball Confederation (CAHB) – 3 awards
Asian Handball Federation (AHF) – 6 awards
European Handball Federation (EHF) – 33 awards
North America and the Caribbean Handball Confederation (NACHC) – 1 awards
South and Central America Handball Confederation (SCAHC) – 5 awards

Per Position

12 – Goalkeeper
9 – Right Back
8 – Centre Back
8 – Left Back
4 – Left Wing
2 – Line Player
5 – Right Wing

Per Player

2 – Aleksandra Rosiak – left back (POL), Lee Migyeong – centre back (KOR), Marina Rajcic – goalkeeper (MNE)

1 – 42 players

Per Shirt Number

4 – #1, #12, #23

3 – #10, #22

2 – #2, #4, #16, #39

1 – #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, #11, #13, #15, #18, #19, #24, #25, #26, #33, #42, #44, #45, #62, #90, #98

Per Game

Match Player Country Position Shirt #
ESP vs ARG Silvia Navarro ESP Goalkeeper 12
KOR vs CGO Lee Migyeong KOR Centre back 23
AUT vs CHN Katarina Pandza AUT Left back 3
CRO vs BRA Bruna de Paula BRA Right back 2
GER vs CZE Alina Grijseels GER Centre back 4
DEN vs TUN Kathrine Heindahl DEN Line player 10
JPN vs PAR Natsuki Aizawa JPN Centre back 26
HUN vs SVK Noémie Háfra HUN Left back 45
FRA vs ANG Laura Glauser FRA Goalkeeper 1
NED vs PUR Bo van Wetering NED Left wing 12
ROU vs IRI Cristina Laslo ROU Centre back 13
RHF vs CMR Isabelle Noelle Mben Bediang CMR Goalkeeper 1
MNE vs SLO Amra Pandzic SLO Goalkeeper 21
SWE vs UZB Emma Lindkvist SWE Right back 23
NOR vs KAZ Camilla Herrem NOR Left wing 23
SRB vs POL Aleksandra Rosiak POL Left back 22
KOR vs TUN Lee Migyeong KOR Centre back 23
AUT vs ARG Elke Karsten ARG Left back 22
PAR vs CRO Ana Turk CRO Right wing 33
SVK vs GER Xenia Smits GER Left back 11
CGO vs DEN Mette Tranborg DEN Right back 18
CHN vs ESP Paula Arcos Poveda ESP Right back 62
JPN vs BRA Adriana Cardoso BRA Right wing 21
HUN vs CZE Katrin Gitta Klujber HUN Right back 42
SWE vs PUR Nathalie Hagman SWE Right wing 24
SLO vs FRA Grâce Zaadi Deuna FRA Centre back 10
UZB vs NED Merel Freriks NED Line player 19
ROU vs KAZ Daciana Hosu ROU Goalkeeper 98
POL vs RHF Aleksandra Rosiak POL Left back 22
MNE vs ANG Marina Rajcic MNE Goalkeeper 1
IRI vs NOR Fatemeh Khalili Behfar IRI Goalkeeper 12
SRB vs CMR Aleksandra Stamenic SRB Left wing 25
TUN vs CGO Diane Gaelle Yimga CGO Right wing 7
ARG vs CHN Luciana Mendoza ARG Right back 10
BRA vs PAR Fatima Ocampos PAR Goalkeeper 12
CZE vs SVK Viktoria Oguntoyova CZE Goalkeeper 90
DEN vs KOR Laerke Nolsoe Pedersen DEN Left wing 2
ESP vs AUT Carmen Martin ESP Right wing 4
CRO vs JPN Yumi Kitahara JPN Right back 44
GER vs HUN Blanka Biro HUN Goalkeeper 16
ANG vs SLO Ana Gros SLO Right back 6
PUR vs UZB Nathalys Ceballos PUR Centre back 5
KAZ vs IRI Irina Alexandrova KAZ Left back 15
CMR vs POL Karichma Kaltoume Ekoh CMR Centre back 39
FRA vs MNE Marina Rajcic MNE Goalkeeper 1
NED vs SWE Jamina Roberts SWE Left back 8
NOR vs ROU Katrine Lunde NOR Goalkeeper 16
RHF vs SRB Antonina Skorobogatchenko RHF Right back 39

*All information uses data supplied by national federations at their pre-championship technical meetings. In-depth statistics can be found on the IHF Spain 2021 mini-site HERE.