Second stage of Olympic Solidarity DNSS course held in Nairobi

29 Jul. 2022

Second stage of Olympic Solidarity DNSS course held in Nairobi

Following the first stage of the Olympic Solidarity ‘Development of National Sports System’ (DNSS) course, which had been held in Nairobi in March, the second stage took place in the capital of Kenya from 2 to 7 July 2022.

The six-day programme, which was held at the Strathmore University Sport complex, also served as an IHF Level D coaching course.

A total of 23 coaches (12 male and 11 female) from different parts of Kenya took part in the course. All of them had various experience of playing and coaching at different levels, from teaching young players to coaching senior teams. 

The workshop was run by IHF Commission of Coaching and Methods Expert Dr Zoltan Marczinka from Hungary, with the participation of the local expert Peter Kungu Mwathi, who was appointed by the Kenyan Handball Federation.

The structure of youth development, youth handball age-specific training, basic attacking tactics, individual skill training in attack and defence, basic coaching philosophy were among the aspects discussed during the theoretical and practical classes. 

The aim of the course was to improve coaching in Kenya and to introduce the local coaches to the new working methods, which should help the nation become more competitive in handball.

“Kenyan Handball Federation is very keen to move handball into a different dimension. Kenya is geographically well placed in Africa, has number of countries around and holds a lot of potential to make handball a widespread and dominant sport for a large population in the zone. Based on the existing structure, a new generation of coaches and thus players could lift this game to a better level. In my opinion, continuous coaching education and developing a new pool of elite trainers could be a tool for success,” IHF Lecturer Dr Marczinka mentioned in his report.

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