One week to go before Spain 2021 throws off

24 Nov. 2021

One week to go before Spain 2021 throws off

This is the moment we have all been waiting for since the Netherlands lifted the trophy after a hard-fought final against Spain at Japan 2019. The IHF Women’s World Championship is just around the corner, with only one week before hosts Spain face Argentina in the opening match of the competition.

With only one week before the start of the competition, the trophy and the medals for Spain 2021 have been revealed. The trophy is a golden hexagonal cup made from polymers and special resins. Standing at 55 centimetres tall, it has the IHF Women’s World Championship logo imprinted on one side, also boasting a pattern that underlines the identity of the competition.

The medals – gold, silver and bronze – which will be coveted by all 32 teams taking part in the competition also boast the competition’s logo, with the round shape emulating the conceptualised ball, with a small dent in the bottom right part, which symbolizes the force of a shot.

The official song of Spain 2021 was revealed a few days ago, but now more details have emerged about the opening ceremony, which will take place on 1 December just before the opening match between Spain and Argentina, scheduled for 20:30 CET.

Carlos Baute, the singer of ‘Lala Gol’, the official song of Spain 2021, will bring light and colour to the opening ceremony, which will take place in the Palacio de los Deportes de Torrevieja. Fans from all over the world will be able to enjoy and dance to the music of the Venezuelan singer, who is also a favourite of ‘Las Guerreras’, the Spanish women’s national team.

Meanwhile, the 32 teams involved have started their preparations for the tournament, after the club season for women’s handball ended last weekend.

Four of the powerhouses that will take part in the 25th IHF Women’s World Championship – Norway, the Netherlands, Russia and the Republic of Korea will take part in the Intersport Cup, a friendly tournament which will take place in Bergen, Norway, between 25 and 28 November, just before the teams are scheduled to travel to Spain.

African side Congo also travelled to a centralised training camp in Edirne, Turkey, where they played a friendly match against a local club team, Anadolu, which they won 28:21.

About Spain 2021

The 25th edition of the IHF Women’s World Championship – the first IHF Women’s World Championship to be played with 32 teams – will take place in Spain between 1 and 19 December at four venues: the Palacio de los Deportes de Torrevieja, the Pabellon Ciutat de Castelló, the Poliesportiu Pla de L’Arc in Llíria and the Palau d'Esports de Granollers.  The IHF’s women’s flagship event will feature 108 games, with the final weekend taking place in Granollers.