Japan 2019: The Best

08 Dec. 2019

Japan 2019: The Best

The ‘hummel Player of the Match’ award is presented after every match at the 2019 IHF Women’s World Championship in Japan.

So far, there have been 60 awards, ahead of the Main Round and President’s Cup/13-24 Placement Round matches getting underway later today, and IHF.info looks at the full list of winners so far.

It is awarded to the player who wins an online vote out of three nominated players, by fans watching from home or anywhere around the world casting their vote using the new IHF app. For more information on how to vote and use the app, visit HERE.

The award also allows every player who wins it an opportunity to help the world’s vulnerable girls and pass on the joy of handball through the IHF official main sponsor hummel’s CSR programme HAND - 'Handball for A New Destiny'. For more information, visit HERE.

hummel Player of the Match awards – Japan 2019
(up to end of Preliminary Round)

Per team
5 - Hungary, Republic of Korea, Russia
4 - Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden
3 - Angola, Germany, Japan, Norway
2 - Argentina, France, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia
1 - Brazil, DR Congo, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Senegal
0 - Australia, P.R. of China

Per position
17 - Left Back
14 - Goalkeeper
7 - Centre Back
7 - Line Player
6 - Right Back
6 - Right Wing
3 - Left Wing

Per player
3 - Eun Hee Ryu (Republic of Korea), Sandra Toft (Denmark)
2 - Albertina Kassoma (Angola), Anna Sen (Russia), Cristina-Georgiana Neagu (Romania), Tjasa Stanko (Slovenia), Mana Ohyama (Japan), Lois Abbingh (Netherlands)
1 - see below

Per game

Game Player Country Position
ROU vs KAZ Abilda Dana KAZ Line player
SLO vs ANG Albertina Kassoma ANG Line player
ANG vs CUB Albertina Kassoma ANG Line Player
ESP vs SEN Alexandrina Cabral Barbosa ESP Left back
ROU vs ESP Alicia Fernandez Fraga ESP Centre back
BRA vs FRA Amandine Leynaud FRA Goalkeeper
ROU vs HUN Aniko Kovacsics HUN Centre Back
SWE vs COD Anna Lagerquist SWE Line player
ARG vs RUS Anna Sen RUS Left back
JPN vs RUS Anna Sen RUS Left back
NOR vs ANG Azenaide Carlos ANG Right back
NOR vs CUB Camilla Herrem NOR Left wing
FRA vs AUS Catherine Gabriel FRA Goalkeeper
COD vs CHN Christianne Mwasesa COD Left back
SEN vs ROU Cristina-Georgiana Neagu ROU Left back
MNE vs ROU Cristina-Georgiana Neagu ROU Left back
GER vs BRA Dinah Eckerle GER Goalkeeper
SEN vs KAZ Doungou Camara SEN Right Back
MNE vs SEN Durdina Jaukovic MNE Left back
ARG vs COD Elke Josselinne Karsten ARG Left Back
GER vs FRA Emily Bölk GER Left back
FRA vs KOR Eun Hee Ryu KOR Right back
KOR vs DEN Eun Hee Ryu KOR Right back
AUS vs KOR Eun Hee Ryu KOR Right back
SWE vs JPN Filippa Idéhn SWE Goalkeeper
CHN vs ARG Graciela Ayelen Garcia ARG Right wing
HUN vs SEN Gréta Márton HUN Left wing
KOR vs BRA Haein Sim KOR Left back
RUS vs CHN Iuliia Managarova RUS Right wing
BRA vs AUS Jacqueline Anastácio BRA Left back
SWE vs ARG Jamina Roberts SWE Left back
AUS vs GER Julia Behnke GER Line player
SRB vs NED Kelly Dulfer NED Left back
ANG vs NED Lois Abbingh NED Left back
NED vs CUB Lois Abbingh NED Left back
JPN vs ARG Mana Ohyama JPN Centre back
COD vs JPN Mana Ohyama JPN Centre back
KAZ vs MNE Marta Batinovic MNE Goalkeeper
GER vs KOR Migyeong Lee KOR Centre Back
MNE vs ESP Mireya Gonzalez Alvarez ESP Right Back
CUB vs SRB Mora Arias Niurkis CUB Goalkeeper
HUN vs MNE Nadine Schatzl HUN Left wing
CHN vs SWE Nathalie Hagman SWE Right wing
ESP vs HUN Petra Tóvizi HUN Line player
JPN vs CHN Sakura Kametani JPN Goalkeeper
DEN vs GER Sandra Toft DEN Goalkeeper
DEN vs BRA Sandra Toft DEN Goalkeeper
FRA vs DEN Sandra Toft DEN Goalkeeper
SLO vs NOR Silje Solberg NOR Goalkeeper
KAZ vs ESP Silvia Navarro Gomez ESP Goalkeeper
SRB vs SLO Sladana Pop-Lazic SRB Line Player
NOR vs SRB Stine Bredal Oftedal NOR Centre back
NED vs NOR Tess Wester NED Goalkeeper
NED vs SLO Tjaša Stanko SLO Left back
CUB vs SLO Tjaša Stanko SLO Left back
DEN vs AUS Trine Østergaard Jensen DEN Right wing
HUN vs KAZ Viktória Lukács HUN Right wing
RUS vs COD Viktoriia Kalinina RUS Goalkeeper
RUS vs SWE Yaroslava Frolova RUS Centre Back
SRB vs ANG Zeljka Nikolic SRB Right wing

More statistics from the IHF official data and statistics provider Swiss Timing, can be found HERE.