IHF Beach Handball Global Tour to throw off on 1 July

28 Jun. 2022

IHF Beach Handball Global Tour to throw off on 1 July

The IHF is proud to announce that the ‘IHF Beach Handball Global Tour’ will visit Poland for its first-ever stage.

On 1 and 2 July, the city of Gdansk in Poland will host the debut of the event. It will feature the four men’s and women’s national teams of host nation Poland along with Germany, Spain and Croatia.

Germany’s women and Croatia’s men were crowned 2022 IHF Women’s and Men’s Beach Handball World Championship winners in Heraklion, Greece on Sunday. Spain’s women won silver while their men finished seventh after losing to bronze medallists Brazil in the quarter-finals. 

The teams will be playing in a round-robin league tournament in each competition, with the top two teams playing off in a final.

The IHF Beach Handball Global Tour had been due to launch in 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Created in a format envisioned to grow year-by-year it will promote the very best of beach handball through top national team competition.

With all matches of the competition streamed live and being available to broadcasters worldwide, the IHF Beach Handball Global Tour will promote the dynamic and exciting sport to an international sports market in order to capture attention, viewers and sponsors. 

In addition, it will provide more time and more strong competition on the sand for all teams, players and coaches pushing them to become even more dedicated and creative in order to develop their games. 

“The launch of the Beach Handball Global Tour is another very big and important step for the growth of beach handball worldwide,” said Chairman of IHF Beach Handball Working Group Giampiero Masi at the announcement of the event.

Taking part in the launch were Mladen Paradzik (Croatia men’s coach), Ivan Juric (Croatia), Juan Pablo Morillo (Spain women’s coach), Asuncion Batista (Spain), Alexander Novakovic (Germany women’s coach) and Magdalena Frey (Germany).

Competition format

The Beach Handball Global Tour follows the IHF Rules of the Game (Beach Handball) and will consist of four stages in 2022.

The winners of the 2022 IHF Beach Handball Global Tour will be decided on the following criteria:

  • highest % of success (matches won) during the tour
  • if two or more teams have the same %, then teams with more stages won will be better qualified
  • in case two teams have the same % and same number of stages won, then next best result at one stage will be decisive
  • if two teams have the same % and other above-mentioned criteria, than the team that played more matches will be better 
  • criteria of more matches played is applicable for % of 50 or more. If teams have % that is lower than 50, it is the better team that have played less matches

Logo revealed

The logo for the Beach Handball Global Tour has also been revealed. The main logo is in line with the branding of the IHF and IHF Beach Handball Logo with a sleek, minimalist look suitable for, and responsive to, the digital age.

Like the IHF itself, the logo features handball at its core. A full shaded ball comes to life with its white lines marked in negative with the circular element not only symbolising the sport, but a globe, acknowledging the role the IHF has as its global governing body.

Across the ball, dynamic, curved lines signify the movement of the sport both as a dynamic sport in itself and with the responsibility of the IHF to move the sport forward continually, growing it globally.

The beach handball elements added represent the Fair Play values of the sport and beach handball culture.

Incorporating waves and a palm tree to represent strong beach imagery, the logo is available in numerous different colour schemes to showcase the diverse and colourful nature of the sport globally.

Logo IHF Beach Handball Global Tour

To follow the competition, visit the mini-sites for the men's and women's tournaments on ihf.info.