25th IHF Women's World Championship

01 Dec. - 19 Dec. Spain

The 25th IHF Women's World Championship, the first edition to feature 32 teams, took place in Spain from 1 to 19 December 2021. 

The event was staged in four venues in the cities of Castelló, Granollers, Llíria and Torrevieja.  


Hosts: Spain (ESP)

Reigning world champions: Netherlands (NED)

Africa: Angola (ANG), Cameroon (CMR), Congo (CGO), Tunisia (TUN)

Asia: Iran (IRI), Japan (JPN), Kazakhstan (KAZ), Republic of Korea (KOR), Uzbekistan (UZB)

Europe: Austria (AUT), Croatia (CRO), Czech Republic (CZE), Denmark (DEN), France (FRA), Germany (GER), Hungary (HUN), Montenegro (MNE), Norway (NOR), Romania (ROU), RHF, Serbia (SRB), Slovenia (SLO), Sweden (SWE)

North America and the Caribbean: Puerto Rico (PUR)

South and Central America: Argentina (ARG), Brazil (BRA, Paraguay (PAR)

Substitute nation: Poland (POL)

Wild Cards: PR of China (CHN), Slovakia (SVK)


The draw for the 25th IHF Women's World Championship was held in Castelló on 12 August 2021.


Pot 2: MNE, HUN, SWE, Asia 1 (Update: KOR), Asia 2 (Update: JPN), ROU, SRB, AUT
Pot 3: ANG, SCA 1* (Update: BRA), SCA* 2 (Update: ARG), CMR, CZE, TUN, NAC 1** (Update: PUR), Asia 3 (Update: KAZ)
Pot 4: Asia 4 (Update: IRI), SVK, SLO, Asia 5 (Update: UZB), Asia 6 (Update: CHN), CGO, SCA* 3 (Update: PAR), POL

*South and Central America ** North America and the Caribbean


Group A: France, Montenegro, Angola, Slovenia
Group B: RHF, Serbia, Cameroon, Poland
Group C: Norway, Romania, Kazakhstan, Iran
Group D: Netherlands, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Uzbekistan
Group E: Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia
Group F: Denmark, Republic of Korea, Tunisia, Congo
Group G: Croatia, Japan, Brazil, Paraguay
Group H: Spain, Austria, Argentina, PR of China 


1. Norway
2. France
3. Denmark 

4. Spain, 5. Sweden, 6. Brazil, 7. Germany, 8. RHF, 9. Netherlands, 10. Hungary, 11. Japan, 12. Serbia, 13. Romania, 14. Republic of Korea, 15. Poland, 16. Austria, 17. Slovenia, 18. Croatia, 19. Czech Republic, 20. Puerto Rico, 21. Argentina, 22. Montenegro, 23. Congo, 24. Kazakhstan, 25. Angola, 26. Slovakia, 27. Tunisia, 28. Cameroon, 29. Paraguay, 30. Uzbekistan, 31. Iran, 32. PR of China

More information can be found on the IHF competition mini-site, the official event website as well as the official event Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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