Marketing Advertising in Arenas

Advertising in Arenas

Advertising within a handball arena brings fans even closer to the brand. For every unmissable minute of play, our sponsors are on hand to set the scene for the action on the court.

The International Handball Federation works with the organising committees of each World Championship or World Cup tournament to provide opportunities for companies to be visible within the playing arena.


  • Floor advertising within each of the goals
  • One area of 1 metre x 3 metres at each end of the court

ads boards

Goal area

  • Floor advertising within the goal areas, optimised for television.
  • 2 advertising spaces of 1 metre x 5 metres at each end of the court.

ads boards

Half court

  • Floor advertising in the playing area, optimised for television.
  • 4 advertising spaces of 5 metres x 1 metre in each half of the court.

ads boards

Centre circle

  • Floor advertising in the centre of the playing area.
  • Radius of approximately 4.25 metres from the centre point.

ads boards

Fixed advertising boards

  • Static boards running continuously behind each goal line.
  • Advertising space of 20 metres length.

ads boards

Corner boards

  • 2 boards placed for maximum exposure during team attack.
  • Each board measures 2.5 metres x 1 metres.

ads boards

LED system (or rotating boards)

  • Electronic advertising boards running continuously on the long side of the court.
  • Advertising space of 40 metres length facing the TV cameras.

ads boards