President’s Cup: In an incredible match Saudi Arabia come out on top

20 Jan. 2019

President’s Cup: In an incredible match Saudi Arabia come out on top

Korea - Saudi Arabia 26:27 (14:13)

The second match of this last match day in Copenhagen was a match between yesterday’s winners: Korea and Saudi Arabia. The teams were playing for 21st position in the World Championship.

Jeong from Korea scored the first goal of the match. Alabas from Saudi Arabia equalised after a save of the Saudi goalkeeper, who had a good start to the game. Seconds later Saudi Arabia received their first two-minute suspension, which lead to a goal from Korea. The score was 2:1.

After the first 15 minutes of the game, the score was 7:5. Saudi Arabia got their second two-minute suspension and shortly after Korea received their first. The Saudis did not manage to convert the suspension into a goal in their first attack but succeeded seconds later. Afterwards the Koreans called for the first time-out. In their first attack after the time-out, Korea scored a great in-flight goal after a well-played attack. Their left wing faked a shot and instead played the ball to a teammate, who caught the ball midair and scored. 

In the 18th minute, the match clock was paused as Alsaffar from Saudi Arabia had to be taken to the dressing room to be treated for an injury. The score was 9:7. After 20 minutes of play Korea scored on a penalty which gave them a four-goal lead.

Saudi Arabia fought their way back into the match, and after 23 minutes they had the chance to equalise when they were awarded a penalty. Unfortunately for the team they missed the chance. Two minutes later, the Saudis were again award with a chance from the penalty spot which they converted to a goal. The score was level at 11:11.

The Korean goalkeeper Jaeyong Park had a great first half with several saves. The first half concluded with the score 14:13 for Korea.

Park started the second half with a save. At the other end of the court Korea was awarded a penalty. However, Taehun Jo missed the opportunity to put his side ahead with two goals. Instead, Saudi Arabia levelled the game on the following attack.

After 5 minute of play goalkeeper Park made another save that led to Korea scoring on a fast break. In the following attack, Park made yet another save and all of a sudden Korea had a three-goal lead. The score was 18:15.

Midway through the second half Saudi Arabia once again fought their way back, by first reducing the gap to only one goal, then equalising and last but not least putting themselves ahead by one goal. 
After this, Saudi Arabia received a two-minute suspension for their number 18, Alsalem. This did not stop the Saudis from increasing their lead. After 17 minutes of play they brought themselves ahead by two goals.

The Korean goalkeeper Park was a joy to watch. When the Korea team needed him the most, he delivered three consecutive saves. With eight minutes left to play Korea levelled at 22:22.  

With three minutes left, the score was 25:25 and the last couple of minutes brought some intense attacks where both teams struggled to close the match. Korea called for a time-out with only 44 seconds left on the clock. The game ended with an interception from Saudi Arabia that lead to the final goal of the game.

Saudi Arabia won, thus claiming 21st place.


hummel Player of the Match: Suyoung Jung (COR)


Statements after the match

Boris Denic, Saudi Arabia coach: Congratulation to both teams for a fair and correct game. It was an interesting game where both teams showed great strength. We had to do some changes as Korea had the lead the most of the game. Korea did not have an answer when we changed our defence, this gave us the win. We were not the better team, we were the luckier team.  

Young Cho, Korea Coach: Congratulation to Saudi. We had a tough game yesterday that left a lot of players in a bad condition.

Alabas Mohammed, Saudi Arabia: We changed our mentality during this tournament in the last couple of games, we became much stronger mentally. We will meet Korea again in the Asian game and I look forward to this.

Suyoung Jung, Korea: We did well in the first half, but we lost concentration in the second half. I will try my best to win next time we meet Saudi Arabia.