President’s Cup: Argentina are ready for Serbia

19 Jan. 2019

President’s Cup: Argentina are ready for Serbia

Austria - Argentina 22:24 (12:12)

Match number 70 of this World Championship, and the last game in Royal Arena this Saturday in the President’s Cup, was played between Austria and Argentina. On paper, the two teams were the biggest favourites to take the 17th spot and to win the Copenhagen part of the Presidents Cup. This match decided which team should play Serbia in tomorrow’s match (Sunday red.).

Both teams chased their best result since the World Championship in Qatar in 2015. The early games showed that motivation is a huge factor to win the games and, in the opening, it did not seem as if the teams had any lack of motivation.

Sebastian Frimmel scored in the opening minutes on a fast break attack, which gave Austria a 2:1 lead. It was Frimmel’s second tonight.

In the sixth minute, 4:1 for Austria, Gerald Zeiner scored from a tight angle. 10 minutes into the game, Zeiner doubled his score for tonight. 6:2 for Austria.

Argentina had a tough start due to the Austrian defence and especially the goalkeeper – they found themselves on the scoresheet only two times in the first 15 minutes. 7:2 for Austria halfway through the first half.

Manuel Crivelli from Argentina finally succeeded finding the back of net in the 16th minute and Federico Fernandez made Argentina hope again, with two goals from the 7m line. 9:6 the scoreboard said as 21 minutes played.

In the 26th minute Argentina finally came back as Lucas Moscariello reduced for 10:9. Afterwards the Austria coach took his first time-out of the game.

Gaston Mourino managed, with his first goal of the game, to equalise just before the break. 12:12 was the score at the break.

Argentina took the lead for the first time in the match after just 40 seconds played in the second half, which was followed by a goal from Matias Frederico Vieyra.

Royal Arena had to wait four minutes for the first goal from Austria. But then they scored two in a row and levelled again at 14:14.

None of the teams seemed to take the lead. The game was completely level. Austria took a team time-out after 13 minutes played.  

Halfway through the second half, Argentina took the lead with two goals in a row (17:19). First a penalty and then a fast goal.

Austria fought to take back the lead, but even though they tried, they could not get closer than minus 1 for quite some time. Leonel Carlos Maciel was one of the reasons (42% saving rate). He made some big saves but after 21 minutes played Sebastian Frimmel finally equalised again (20:20).

Federico Gaston Fernandez scored two goals in a row, which made Austria take their third time-out at 20:22 – with success, as Boris Zinkovic scored right after (21:22).

Austria broke through the defence and got a penalty, which Leonel Carlos Maciel saved. 

At the other end of the court, Sebastian Alejandro Simonet transformed a penalty to a two-goal lead.

Even though Austria put Argentina under pressure in their last attack, the South Americans found their way to the goal.

Argentina won the match 22:24 and will play for 17th rank against Serbia, while Austria will play for the 19th rank against Bahrain tomorrow.


hummel Player of the Match: Leonel Carlos Maciel (ARG)


Statements after the match

Manuel Cadenas, Argentina coach: This game was a very difficult one, because both of the teams were very tired. We did not start well. I think the second half was very equal. Both teams could win, but in the end, I think we were better.

Patrekur Johannesson, coach of Austria: Tough game. I’m pleased we the opening, but Argentina managed to come back. We did what we could to win, but it wasn’t enough.

We will be back tomorrow, and hopefully did better.

Sebastian Simonet, Argentina: We didn’t start well. We were tired for this game. We tried to use all our forces. But in the end, I think we did better than them.

The win isolated, means a lot. Every time we played a European team and get from the match with a draw or win, it’s huge for us. We are not used to play these matches, so when we got the opportunity it means a lot. 10 Years ago, when we saw the games in the television, we could only dream of reach that level.

Nykola Bilyk, Austria: We played well in the opening 20 minutes, but after that we didn’t run much, and we were tired.