Experts discuss the future of handball – Congress in Herzogenaurach

17 Sep. 2010

Experts discuss the future of handball – Congress in Herzogenaurach

HF and adidas are the hosts of the “Forum for the Future of Handball” carried out at the adidas headquarter in Herzogenaurach, Germany, on 30 September. More than 30 experts from all fields of handball will meet to discuss several topics concerning the development of Handball in the future. Three major tasks are part of this congress: The structure of Handball, Handball and TV and Handball and its partners.

Coaches, referees and IHF experts focus on the development of the game, the rules and the refereeing and debate questions like:
·    Would more speed be fine for the game?
·    Is the flood of goals a curse or a blessing?
·    Are referees able to properly observe the game, covering all activities on the field, or
do quick attack series overtax them?
·    Would referees of professional status, as far as feasible, show far better performances?

TV experts, right holders, producers and other protagonists of Handball will deal with TV matters in the future of Handball, as the number of Handball media coverage has enormously increased:
·    How to improve quality of TV coverage?
·    Special TV marketing of stars during major tournaments like World Championships?
·    What are requests/ideas coming from the TV experts regarding the presentation of the sport?

Another topic will be the marketing point of view and the expectation sponsors have in Handball:
·    What does a partner requires of Handball?
·    What are the most important attributes for partners and sponsors?
·    Which are the target audience to address?
·    What do partners and sponsors expect from the TV coverage of the sport?

IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa and adidas chairman Herbert Hainer will introduce the major subjects in the beginning of the congress, before the high rank participants split into the three working groups. After three hours of discussing those tasks, all working groups will present their results, before the plenary will discuss their proposals. Dr Hassan Moustafa will conclude the result of the congress at the end.