Group D: Dramatic draw leaves the group open

16 Jan. 2019

Group D: Dramatic draw leaves the group open

Hungary - Egypt 30:30 (14:14)


The second game in Group D this match day was between Hungary and Egypt, both of which had the chance to go through in this equal group. Yet again the supporters of the two teams created an electric atmosphere in Royal Arena in a match that should keep all of them on the edge of their seats. 

The players clearly searched for the win from the first minute on. Both teams played very aggressively and brought a high pace into the game.

In the opening minutes, both sides had a lot of chances and the score line showed 4:2 for Hungary team, who found the better rhythm in the beginning. 

Mate Lekai, who was awarded Player of the Match in the last game, scored his first goal in the game in the sixth minute to make it a 5:2 lead for Hungary.

Mohammed Sanad found the way to the goal in the other end, and Egypt kept the contact in some way. However, a time-out for Egypt was needed, after Roland Mikler showed another perfect save and assisted Peter Hornyak for a 8:4 lead.

In the 18th minute Ahmed Elahmar scored his third goal in the first half, and Egypt reduced the gap to 8:10. A few minutes later, Iman Jamali was injured and was out for the rest of the match. At the same time, the Hungarian key players Lekai and Nagy needed a break. All eyes were now at Gabor Csaszar and the playmaker now had to define the attack – not an easy task in this game.

The following minutes Wissam Nawar gave the Egypt side a lead, 11:12. A few minutes before the end of the first half, the coach of Hungary, Vladan Matic, brought Lekai and Nagy back on the pitch. It was a good decision. The Hungary team went from 11:14 to 14:14 in just one minute.

After a good period for Egypt in the second half, Mohammed Sanad could score to make it a three-goal lead. At the other end, Mohammed Eltayar continued playing on a high level. Things were getting more and more difficult for Hungary.

Laszlo Nagy let Hungary’s supporters hope again with a goal in the 43th minute, 18:19.

The final minutes were a question of keeping the nerves calm: 27:27, five minutes remaining.

The game ended in a dramatic way. Two of the players from Egypt were sent off with two-minute suspensions. But Egypt succeeded in winning one point. The Egyptian players were full of joy and happiness, mainly because they kept their chances to proceed to the Main Round. Hungary, however, were disappointed by the point that slipped through their hands.


Hummel Man of the Match: Ali Zeinelabedein (EGY)


Statements after the match:

Hungary coach, Vladan Matic: It was a very good match. First 15 minutes were good, but were missing the energy to change the match. We could not bring the needed power today. I think our problems in general were to score in our 100% options. We have to be thankful for all the points that we can bring to the main round.  

Egypt coach David Davis: I want to congratulate my players. They fought all they could to bring us to our goal, the main round. The result today gives us an opportunity to achieve that. We will see tomorrow if go there or not. We will do our best.

Bence Banhidi, Hungary:  Though fight. Difficult game both physical and mentally. It seems that we could go to the main round. We feel sorry for Jamali, who got injured today. We will do our best in the following games.

Mohammed Eltayar, Egypt:  Thanks to my coach and all my teammates. Today was one step on our way to glory. We always stay focused and take it game-by-game. I’m so proud. This World Cup is the highest level I have ever faced, and maybe it was one of the best games in my career too.