Group A: Korea keep up with France for 40 minutes

14 Jan. 2019

Group A: Korea keep up with France for 40 minutes

France vs Korea 34:23 (17:16)

Winning their third straight match, France are the first team to book their Main Round ticket in Berlin. But the clear final result against Korea does not reflect the rundown of the match. For 40 minutes, the unified team played at an equal level.

10,000 neutral fans were singing and shouting for the Korean team and with this boost from the stands, the Asian players flew high. France did not find the means to stop the Korean express – goalkeeper Jaeyong Park was on fire, Kang Tan netted in seven times and the defence stood strong.

After the 7:3, the lead for France melted away, and Korea were at the same level until the 20:21 in minute 38. Then France decided the match by a 7:0 run, as Korea were running out of power. Korea never gave up, and the fans in Berlin gave them a big round of applause after the final whistle.


hummel Player of the Match: Kentin Mahe (FRA)


Statements after the Match:

Didier Dinart, coach France: Congratulations to Korea, especially for their first half, they played with heart. I am respecting this team, thanks for being a nice opponent. In the second half we played with more consequence.

Kentin Mahe, player France: It was a special game, playing against a unified Korea team. I am thankful to play and experience this moment. Congratulation for the first half and good luck for Korea for the future. Now we’re completely concentrated for the game tomorrow.

Young Shin Cho, coach Korea: We know that France is one of the best teams in the world right now, we did not give up, we gave our best until the end, I personally respect the head coach of France for keep going. Also big thanks to our players, the unified team is just at the beginning.

Myong Chol Sin, assistant coach Korea: We knew how strong the French team is, we did not give up.  It was a great experience and now we have a great background. Special thanks to the German audience for the nice atmosphere.

Kang Tan, player Korea: Before the match we were worried, because France is the strongest team in the world. We played a good first half, but in the second half we played not so good, because of some physical problems.