Denmark and Croatia to play final - Host came off 8th

03 Aug. 2007

Denmark and Croatia to play final - Host came off 8th

Denmark and Croatia will be competing for the II Men's Youth WCh title in Bahrain. Before kicking-off the final Argentina and Sweden will meet in the match for the bronze. Host Bahrain had to concede a 28:37 (10:17) defeat to finish 8th in the final ranking.

The first placement matches kicked off at 11.00 in the morning at the Gulf Finance Hall of Kingdom Bahrain. Morocco prevailed 38:24 (18:10) against Australia to obtain 15th place, while Tunisia overcame Algeria 42:26 (25:11) in the African duel to rank 13th. In a high-score game (41:39/ HT 20:20) against Iran, Korea secured 11th place and Brazil claimed a clear 36:27 (17:11) win over Qatar to take home 9th place. The remaining placement matches (5th-8th) kicked off later at night. Spain clearly edged Bahrain 37:28 (17:10) while Poland giving in 32:34 (12:17) to Egypt.

Exciting semi-finals saw European champions Croatia hold their own against Sweden (31:28/HT 18:12) and Denmark gain the upper hand in their match against surprising side of Argentina. The final as well as the match for the bronze will be played on Friday.

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