“We can write history” – Interview with the Norwegian coach Tom Morten Svendsen

26 Jul. 2010

“We can write history” – Interview with the Norwegian coach Tom Morten Svendsen

His team is (as Korea) of the two still spotless teams –and the Norwegian objectives at the Juniors WCH in Korea are high: The European Champion’s already qualified for the semi finals, and coach Tom Morten Svendsen dreams of the Gold medal, as he said in this interview before the last Main Round match – the clash of the titans against Korea.

Congratulation to the qualification for the semi finals after seven victories in seven games. You must be really happy?

Svendsen: Yes, we’re really happy that we have reached our first objective very early. After the match against Croatia we had a real big dinner for the team to say thank you for the players. We will recover on the rest day and then prepare for our final Main Round match against the host.

What’s your tactic for the match against Korea. Are you playing to win?

Svendsen:  We’re really looking forward to this match, as it will be a game of two top teams. Korea plays very fast with a strong defense. But I think we have the strength to keep up with them. So we’re playing to win. We’re not going to look what team from group II we could meet in the semis, but it will be a really tough challenge for our team to meet the host on their home soil. This match is an ideal preparation for the games that will come.

Some experts said that this duel Korea – Norway could be the WCH final, too. What’s your opinion?

Svendsen: This will depend on the semi finals, as there are highly experienced and strong opponents waiting in group II like Russia, Hungary or Montenegro. But a final against Korea in Korea would be a good omen for us. Last year we became European Champion by beating Hungary in the final on Hungarian ground.

So your objective is to win the title?

Svendsen: Before this World Championship the player’s objective was to win a medal, so it’s our target to win this medal. In this tournament everything is possible, but the fitness of the players will decide about how far we come. All teams go for Gold, not only Norway, and as I said all opponents are strong enough to win this medal. But we can write history here. If we win the title we would be the first Norwegian team to take this Gold medal at a Juniors WCH. But it’s a long way to write history. We still have to play three hours and we’ll enjoy every minute, as we have real fun to play here.