Nigeria and Senegal women through to 2019/20 IHF Women's Trophy Intercontinental Phase

30 Jul. 2019

Nigeria and Senegal women through to 2019/20 IHF Women's Trophy Intercontinental Phase

The 2019/20 IHF Women’s Trophy - Continental Phase Africa, completed in Conakry, Guinea at the weekend with Nigeria's youth (U17) team and Senegal's junior (U19) team winning their respective age category competitions to automatically qualify for the 2019/20 IHF Women’s Trophy: Intercontinental Phase to be held in the future once all continental competitions have completed.

In the youth (U17) competition, Cameroon (CMR), Guinea (GUI), Nigeria (NGR), Uganda (UGA) and Zambia (ZAM) were competing, while in the junior competition Benin (BEN), Cameroon (CMR), Madagascar (MAD), Senegal (SEN) and Uganda (UGA) participated.

Both competitions were played on a round-robin basis, with Nigeria and Senegal finishing top of their respective groups.

Nigeria ended with eight points from four victories and a goal difference of +54 in the youth tournament, while Senegal ended top of their competition group with four wins, eight points and a goal difference of +59.


Youth (U17) Competition: CMR, GUI, NGR, UGA, ZAM
Junior (U19) Competition: BEN, CMR, MAD, SEN, UGA

1 Nigeria 
2 Guinea
3 Uganda
4 Cameroon
5 Zambia

1 Senegal
2 Cameroon
3 Benin
4 Uganda
5 Madagascar

Wednesday 24 July

Youth (U17) Competition
CMR vs UGA 33:35 (14:16)
NGR vs GUI 32:31 (17:14)

Junior (U19) Competition
BEN vs SEN 24:37 (11:15)
CMR vs MAD 36:20 (20:6)

Thursday 25 July

Youth (U17) Competition
NGR vs CMR 35:22 (15:13)
UGA vs ZAM 38:19 (23:5)

Junior (U19) Competition
MAD vs BEN 17:45 (13:22)
SEN vs UGA 42:24 (21:14)

Friday 26 July

Youth (U17) Competition
ZAM vs NGR 12:38 (10:14)
CMR vs GUI 24:39 (13:14)

Junior (U19) Competition
UGA vs MAD 50:30 (23:14)
BEN vs CMR 31:42 (15:20)

Saturday 27 July

Youth (U17) Competition
GUI vs ZAM 57:19 (24:8)
NGR vs UGA 39:25 (16:15)

Junior (U19) Competition
CMR vs UGA 40:25 (19:13)
MAD vs SEN 13:40 (7:17)

Sunday 28 July

Youth (U17) Competition
UGA vs GUI 31:37 (10:15)
ZAM vs CMR 25:42 (16:19)

Junior (U19) Competition
UGA vs BEN 25:28 (12:14)
SEN vs CMR 32:31 (15:15)