Croatia 2023: Squad changes

10 Aug. 2023

Croatia 2023: Squad changes

All the late registrations and player replacements for Croatia 2023 will appear here. This article will be updated throughout the championship.

For provisional (pre-tournament) 35-name squad lists PDFs, please check the 'Teams' section of the Croatia 2023 mini-site here.

Player Replacements

*Information correct as of Thursday 10 August 2023*

Thursday 10 August

Austria (AUT): #11 Thomas Nenadic (left back) IN, #9 Felix Bernkopf-Schnürch (centre back) OUT

Austria (AUT): #19 Raphael König (right wing) IN, #10 Gabriel Kofler (right back) OUT

Bahrain (BRN): #91 Nooh Almusawi (left wing) IN, #16 Qasem Ahmed (goalkeeper) OUT

Wednesday 9 August

Norway (NOR): #95 David Walstad Haugstvedt (right back) IN, #9 Emre Christoffer Berge (right back) OUT

Tuesday 8 August

Bahrain (BRN): #6 Sayed Husain Almahafda (right wing) IN, #91 Nooh Almusawi (left wing) OUT

Croatia (CRO): #21 Adrian Ćosić (right wing) IN, #15 Marko Tkalec (right wing) OUT

Monday 7 August

Slovenia (SLO): #14 Vid Kompare (right wing) IN, #4 Žiga Belej (right wing) OUT

Saturday 5 August

Sweden (SWE): #17 Adam Svantesson (left wing) IN, #2 Noah Martinsson (left wing) OUT

Friday 4 August

Montenegro (MNE): #27 Filip Bozovic (line player) IN, #13 Bozo Vujovic (line player) OUT

Player replacement criteria

Each team may replace up to five (5) players at any time (e.g. each team may put in five (5) new players or may put in a player who has already been replaced once). Players may be replaced with players indicated in the provisional list only.

In case a suspended player is replaced by another player, the new player is only eligible to play after the suspension has lapsed.


Late Registrations

*Information correct as of Wednesday 9 August 2023*

Wednesday 9 August 2023

Norway (NOR): #6 Emil Havsgård (left back)

Late registration criteria

If a team has registered less than the number of players allowed in the definitive list, it may register one (1) additional player from the provisional list during the competition. The late registration should be done on the respective match day at the latest.

Photo: Croatia 2023/Kolektiff images