Mongolian Handball Federation present ‘Handball’ book

22 May. 2020

Mongolian Handball Federation present ‘Handball’ book

To mark their 20th anniversary of becoming a member of the International Handball Federation (IHF) back in 2000 and inspired by the continuing growth of the sport in their nation, the Mongolian Handball Federation (MHF), have released a 148-page book, entitled simply: ‘Handball’.
The book features a wide range of topics across seven chapters, including:

  • World Handball History
  • Foundation and Growth of Handball in Mongolia
  • Handball at the Olympic Games
  • Rules
  • Playing Court
  • Usage of Ball
  • General Concept
  • Different Techniques
  • Tactics
  • Methods
  • Special Exercises
  • Planning for Training and Coaching
  • International Terms

Written by President of the MHF, Dr Jargalsaikhan Dorjsuren along with Erdene-Ochir D., PE Teacher at the Shine Mongol High School, and edited by Amgalantamir A., the book will be used as textbook for organising handball seminars and tournaments, for lessons in public schools and universities as well as instructing handball club coaches and players.
Both the authors stressed at the launch last week that they hoped the book would also be a helpful resource to get essential information on handball out to the wide range of handball communities across the country, including students, athletes, coaches, teachers, instructors, parents, sports administrators and fans.
The MHF revealed that the current global situation surrounding COVID-19 allowed for time to produce the book which they hope will continue to help push the growth of the sport in the Asian nation, which is also a member of the Asian Handball Federation (AHF).
“During this uncertain time all around the world, the majority of sports events and games have been cancelled while people have been trying to stay healthy in various ways,” said Khandarmaa Buyanbat from the International Relations Office of the Mongolian Handball Federation about the book, which is written in Mongolian.
“The MHF has been handling the situation as useful as possible by finding materials, preparing them, doing research, writing, and editing on publishing for the book.
“In recent years we have translated IHF rule books from English into Mongolian, but with the rapid growth of the sport among young athletes, the authors observed that it was important to publish a book about handball to help with the teachers and students knowledge of the game, in addition to the textbooks which are already translated for use by coaches and instructors.”
Founded in 1993, the MHF have 1,300 registered players across 120 registered teams in the east Asian country.
For many years the national teams and the MHF itself have been active in IHF events, hosting the 2019/20 IHF Women’s Trophy Asia – Zone III competition where their U17 and U19 teams both won bronze, the same medal won by the men’s teams in the competition back in 2017 in Hong Kong. Mongolia also hosted an IHF Trophy event in 2014.
The women’s youth team made their debut at the 2019 AHF Women’s Asian Youth Championship held in India last August, finishing 10th. It was the first time that a men’s or women’s national team in any age range had appeared in an AHF continental championship, although the senior men’s team have competed in three of the last five editions of the Asian Games (2002, 2006 and 2014).
As well as co-hosting Olympic Solidarity coaching courses in 2003 and 2018 in Ulaanbaatar, the MHF received further IHF courses in 2011 and 2014 and hosted an AHF Executive Committee Seminar attended by senior IHF officials in 2004.
In November 2017, the MHF received the ‘IHF President’s Development Award’ for emerging nations.
For further information, visit the MHF Facebook page.

PHOTO: Mongolian Handball Federation