Seven Coaches Pass Coaches Course in Montreal

04 Nov. 2019

Seven Coaches Pass Coaches Course in Montreal

In conjunction with the IHF Trophy – North American and the Caribbean last month, IHF Executive Committee and Council member Frantisek Taborsky headed a coaching course for 14 participants from seven countries. The course was jointly organised by the IHF, the Canadian Handball Federation and the Quebec Handball Federation. 

The five-day class included participants from Canada, Mexico, Martinique, Puerto Rico, the United States of America, Guadeloupe and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

The course, held in Montreal from 15 to 19 October, involved practical and theoretical aspects, with daily video analysis to complement the activities undertaken. Practical parts of the course addressed both individual and group training activities, as well as theory and methods for coaches to apply during training sessions. Participants also completed a writing test. 

The 14 participants were of varied experience and background in handball, with some already in possession of the IHF A licence and others without formal qualification as yet. However, all of the participants were equally active and engaged in the course. 

“Every course participant showed high interest, and everybody was trying to do their best,” wrote Taborsky in his report.  

As part of his visit, Taborsky also presented the Canadian Handball Federation with a playing court and handball balls on behalf of IHF Development Aid, which was used for the matches and will be used in their development programs.