Germany/Greece 2023: Squad changes

29 Jun. 2023

Germany/Greece 2023: Squad changes

All the late registrations and player replacements for Germany/Greece 2023 will appear here. This article will be updated throughout the championship.

For provisional (pre-tournament) 35-name squad lists PDFs, please check the 'Teams' section of the Germany/Greece 2023 mini-site here.

Player Replacements

*Information correct as of Thursday 29 June 2023*

Thursday 29 June

Japan (JPN): #26 Yukito Tachibana (left back) IN, #27 Atsuki Matsubara (centre back) OUT

Kuwait (KUW): #12 Mohammad Alshammari (goalkeeper) IN,#1 Ahmad Aljuwaieed (goalkeeper) OUT 

Wednesday 28 June

Greece (GRE): #16 Georgios Daios (goalkeeper) IN, #12 Filippos Nikolintais (goalkeeper) OUT

Kuwait (KUW): #7 Khalifah Almutairi (left wing) IN, #22 Ali Buland (left wing) OUT

Monday 26 June 

Japan (JPN): #25 Takato Hayashibara (left back) IN, #17 Donovan Yuichiro Kondo (right back) OUT

Japan (JPN): #19 Soa Irei (centre back) IN, #26 Yukito Tachibana (left back) OUT

Kuwait (KUW): # 21 Faraj Abdullah (goalkeeper) IN, #34 Hamad Aldashti (goalkeeper) OUT

Sunday 25 June

Kuwait (KUW): #34 Hamad Aldashti (goalkeeper) IN, #21 Faraj Abdullah (goalkeeper) OUT

Japan (JPN): #17 Donovan Yuichiro Kondo (right back) IN, #19 Soa Irei (centre back) OUT

Saudi Arabia (KS): #25 Ahmed Alobaidi (right wing) IN, #99 Hussain Furaij (right wing) OUT

Saudi Arabia (KSA): #57 Mahdi Alabass (left wing) IN, #7 Ali Almohsen (left wing) OUT

Spain (ESP): #13 Eduardo Ortiz Badillo (right wing) IN, #7 Antonio Martinez Llamazares (right wing) OUT

Saturday 24 June

Japan (JPN): #26 Yukito Tachibana (left back) IN, #25 Takato Hayashibara (left back) OUT

Norway (NOR): #26 Jakub Petrzela (line player) IN, #21 Kristian Turmo Lornstad (line player) OUT

Friday 23 June

Kuwait (KUW): #3 Abdullah Almotawaa (line player) IN, #88 Yousef Najem (line player) OUT

Thursday 22 June

Egypt (EGY): #5 Mohamed Khallaf (right wing) IN, #11 Ahmed Mohamed Nahla (right back) OUT

Player replacement criteria

Each team may replace up to five (5) players at any time (e.g. each team may put in five (5) new players or may put in a player who has already been replaced once). Players may be replaced with players indicated in the provisional list only.

In case a suspended player is replaced by another player, the new player is only eligible to play after the suspension has lapsed.


Late Registrations

Wednesday 28 June 

Faroe Islands (FAR): #78 Oli Mittun (left back)

Late registration criteria

If a team has registered less than the number of players allowed in the definitive list, it may register one (1) additional player from the provisional list during the competition. The late registration should be done on the respective match day at the latest.