Peru and Ecuador supreme on the Camaná sand

17 Feb. 2023

Peru and Ecuador supreme on the Camaná sand

From 9 to 12 February, Handball Peru organised the special ‘International Championship’ (Campeonato Internacional), which featured teams from Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and the host nation.

Taking place in the southwestern coastal town of Camaná, 200km to the west of the provincial capital Arequipa, a total of 14 teams played 30 matches over five match sessions, with eight men’s teams playing 19 matches and six women’s teams playing 11 matches.

In the women’s competition, the six teams were split into two groups of three, with Group A featuring Ecuador, Peru and host city Camaná, while Group B included Chile, Arequipa and Colombia.

Ecuador impressed in Group A, winning both matches 2-0 to finish top. Chile topped Group B, also with two wins, but were forced to go to a shoot-out against Colombia after losing the first period by 3:10.

First played second in alternate groups for the semi-finals, with Ecuador and Chile both taking 2-0 wins against Arequipa and Peru respectively. They then met in the final, with Ecuador easing to the title thanks to a 2-0 (26:11, 18:5) dominant win. 

Bronze went all the way to a shoot-out with Arequipa, and then Peru dominated the first and second periods. But the host province prevailed, taking a 4:2 win and a 2-1 victory overall.

The eight men’s teams were divided into two groups of four teams each, with Group A consisting of Arequipa A, Peru A and teams from Tacna city and the port city of Ilo. Group B featured Peru B, Arequipa B, Chile and Camaná.

Arequipa and Chile dominated the competition, with their A and B teams all making the semi-finals. In Group A, Arequipa A beat Tacna and Ilo 2-0 and then saw off Peru A 2-1, taking the shoot-out 7:6 to top the group. In Group B, Peru B won all three matches 2-0 to finish as table-toppers.

The semi-finals saw each A and B team meet each other, with Peru A overcoming the Peru B team 2-0 in a tight match, while Arequipa A prevailed over their B team. The final saw a one-sided first period, with Peru A easing to an 18:8 victory over Arequipa A, but the home city could not close the gap in the second, losing 12:14. Peru B took bronze in a one-sided 3/4 placement match.

Men’s Competition

1. Peru A

2. Arequipa A

3. Peru B

4 Arequipa B, 5. Chile, 6. Ilo, 7. Tacna, 8. Camaná

Women’s Competition

1. Ecuador

2. Chile

3. Arequipa, 4. Peru, 5. Colombia, 6. Camaná

Photos: Julián Roca Modo Difícil / Federación Deportiva Peruana de Handball