Tokyo Handball Qualification 2020 – Men’s Tournaments: squad changes

14 Mar. 2021

Tokyo Handball Qualification 2020 – Men’s Tournaments: squad changes

All the late registrations and player replacements for the matches of the Tokyo Handball Qualification 2020 – Men’s Tournaments will appear here. This article will be update throughout the tournaments (12-14 March 2021).

For provisional (pre-tournament) 35-name squad lists and the 16-name definitive squad list PDFs please check the 'Teams' section of the Men’s Tournament mini-site HERE.

Player replacements

Information correct as of 09:00 CET, Sunday 14 March 2021

Sunday 14 March

Algeria (ALG): #12 Abdellah BENMENNI (Goalkeeper) IN, #34 Abdenour HAMMOUCHE (Line Player/Pivot) OUT

Republic of Korea (KOR): #44 Taegyu KIM (Left Back) IN, #27 Jaeseo LIM (Centre Back) OUT

Norway (NOR): #23 Goran Sogard JOHANNESSEN (Left Back) IN, #26 Simen Holand PETTERSEN (Left Back) OUT

Norway (NOR): #30 Torbjorn Sittrup BERGERUD (Goalkeeper) IN, #16 Espen CHRISTENSEN (Goalkeeper) OUT

Norway (NOR): #32 Thomas SOLSTAD (Line Player/Pivot) IN, #21 Magnus GULLERUD (Line Player/Pivot) OUT

Portugal (POR): #33 Diogo SILVA (Right Back) IN, #10 Miguel MARTINS (Centre Back) OUT

Slovenia (SLO): #66 Jaka MALUS (Left Back) IN, #34 Rok OVNICEK (Centre Back) OUT

Tunisia (TUN): #8 Rami FEKIH (Left Back) IN, #87 Mohamed Jilani MAAREF (Left Back) OUT

Tunisia (TUN): #88 Marwane SOUSSI (Goalkeeper) IN, #94 Mehdi Sadri HARBAOUI (Goalkeeper) OUT

Saturday 13 March

Croatia (CRO): #31 Luka SEBETIC (Right Back) IN, #24 Sime IVIC (Right Back) OUT

Brazil (BRA): #25 Vinicius TEIXEIRA (Line Player/Pivot) IN, #17 Alexandro POZZER (Line Player/Pivot) OUT

Brazil (BRA): #62 Leonardo TERCARIOL (Goalkeeper) IN, #16 Rangel DA ROSA (Goalkeeper) OUT

Republic of Korea (KOR): #3 Jaeseop SHIN (Right Back) IN, #30 Kwanjung JEONG (Left Back) OUT

Germany (GER): #33 Andreas WOLFF (Goalkeeper) IN, #1 Johannes BITTER (Goalkeeper) OUT

Germany (GER): #15 Juri KNORR (Centre Back) IN, #38 Fabian BOHM (Left Back) OUT

Norway (NOR): #26 Simen Holand PETTERSEN (Left Back) IN, #23 Goran Sogard JOHANNESSEN (Left Back) OUT

Norway (NOR): #16 Espen CHRISTENSEN (Goalkeeper) IN,  #30 Torbjorn Sittrup BERGERUD (Goalkeeper) OUT

Late registrations

All 12 men’s teams (ALG, BRA, CHI, CRO, FRA, GER, KOR, NOR, POR, SLO, SWE, TUN)  registered 16 players from their original 35-name squad at the technical meeting ahead of their opening games.

Player replacement criteria

During the Tokyo Handball Qualification 2020  tournaments each team may replace up to five players at any time (e.g. each team may put in five new players or may put in a player who has already been replaced once). Players may be replaced against players indicated in the provisional delegation list (‘list of 35’) only.

Player replacements due to positive COVID-19 cases will not be deducted from the total of five replacements each team is entitled to. 

This is only valid for replacements within 48 hours after the infection of the player concerned has become known. Players may be replaced with players indicated in the provisional list only. However, if a federation wants to add this player again to the team, the replacement will be counted.

In case a suspended player is replaced by another player, the new player is only eligible to play after the suspension has lapsed.