A step forward for Cameroon

04 Dec. 2017

A step forward for Cameroon

On what is their second participation at the IHF Women’s World Championship, Cameroon have endured two tough losses — but not without bright moments. The African team, who ranked 22nd at their previous World Championship, in Russia in 2005, opened the Germany 2017 competition against the hosts before meeting 2013 silver medallists Serbia. In Round 1, the final result stood at 28:15 in Germany’s favour, and in Round 2, Serbia won 34:21. spoke with goalkeeper Linda Awu Bessong Epah about their campaign so far, handball in Cameroon, and their upcoming preliminary round matches. How did this game against Serbia compare with your expectations?

Linda Awu Bessong Epah: They are very strong, really strong. They are really experienced, they are very good players. They have good team cohesion. You can see they have been playing for a long time together. They are really a great team, Serbia. How long has your national team been playing together now? 

Linda Awu Bessong Epah: This team has been together for five years now. Although there are two or three changes, the main core has been together five years now. What have you learned from these two matches so far at Germany 2017?

Linda Awu Bessong Epah: We have learned a lot, in our defence, in our attack. Especially with the ball — the ball has so much glue! We are learning, we are adapting to it day by day. Do you think handball in Cameroon has developed since the first World Championship participation?

Linda Awu Bessong Epah: I think it has developed…not too much, but it has developed, it’s not in the same spot. Last time we were losing like 50 to five goals. Now we have done much better and evolved, not too much, but a little step forward compared to last time. What is the club competition like in Cameroon?

Linda Awu Bessong Epah: Most of the time we have a club competition twice a year, so we have winners of the championship in African countries and winners of the countries’ cups. We meet twice a year in different African countries. Back to Germany 2017. You have three matches left in the preliminary round. What are your thoughts on those at this point? 

Linda Awu Bessong Epah: Each game is different, so each game we are preparing how to give our best — that’s all, how to give our best, fight to the end for the final result.