Great Britain and Georgia win titles at IHF Trophy Europe

16 Oct. 2022

Great Britain and Georgia win titles at IHF Trophy Europe

Saturday was the last day of the IHF Trophy Europe in Prishtina, and all the participants got their final positions. Great Britain junior (U20) and Georgia youth (U18) national teams became the winners of the competitions in their respective age groups. Beside the titles, they also qualified for the Intercontinental Phase of the IHF Trophy.

The British junior team finished the tournament in Prishtina with a perfect record, claiming four wins in as many matches. In fact, they had already secured the top position before their last game against Andorra, but it did not stop Great Britain from taking a commanding win, 35:18.

Bulgaria and Kosovo fought for second place in a direct duel, and Bulgaria won 43:25 to earn silver with six points. Home side Kosovo claimed bronze with four points under their belt, while Malta and Andorra finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Kosovo's left back Ardin Berisha became the tournament's top scorer with 34 goals. 

Georgia enjoyed a 100% record in the youth competition to claim the title. In the crucial match on Saturday, they took their fourth straight win against Kosovo, 27:22. The rivals were tied at the break (14:14), but the Georgians were dominant in the second half and cruised to a five-goal victory.

In the other day's match, Bulgaria defeated Great Britain 37:25 to earn silver, ending the tournament with six points. Kosovo finished third with four points, with their player Olsi Mulaj topping the competition's scoring chart with a tally of 36 goals. Great Britain took the fourth position with two points, while Albania, who lost all four games, finished fifth. 

Final rankings

Junior (U20)

1. Great Britain
2. Bulgaria
3. Kosovo
4. Malta
5. Andorra

Youth (U18)

1. Georgia
2. Bulgaria
3. Kosovo
4. Great Britain
5. Albania

Photo courtesy of Kosova Handball Federation