Successful IHF Referee Course takes place in Tanzania

06 Jun. 2024

Successful IHF Referee Course takes place in Tanzania

27 referees and five delegates took part in the IHF Referee Course which was scheduled between 25 and 31 May in Tabora, Tanzania.

The IHF nominated former IHF Tunisian referee and IHF PRC Lecturer Soumaya Abid to conduct the course, which consisted of theoretical lectures and practical sessions. The Tanzanian Men/Women Regional Secondary School Competition took place on the fringes of the course in order to evaluate the performance of the referees. 

Daily debriefings with video-analysis were organised to help the referees improve on a day-by-day basis. Moreover, the new IHF Rules of the Game for Indoor Handball was also provided to the referees with the new catalogue questions, with the referees tested in both a theoretical capacity, as well as a physical capacity.

Throughout the week, the referees and delegates also took part in different programmes, which saw three-hour sessions being conducted by IHF PRC Lecturer Soumaya Abid, with themes varying from different situations on the court, like progressive line and the last 30 seconds of the match, the difference between a penalty and attacking fouls, the preparation to observe the wing and the pivot zones, as well as improving the game management of the referees.

On the last day of the course, the participants had to observe session videos, as well as undergo the rule test.