“Stick Together” is the communication concept of the 28th IHF Men’s World Championship

15 Sep. 2021

“Stick Together” is the communication concept of the 28th IHF Men’s World Championship

A championship needs a sustainable and scalable communication concept in order to ensure successful marketing. Our ambition has been to put together a communication concept that is easy to understand and absorb, speaks to the heart and evokes emotion, appealing to our time, can be used outside of a handball context, can be used in other championships and strengthens and clarifies handball as a sport.

Our concept - Stick together 

Our tagline “Stick together” could refer to the resin used in handball nowadays, but the words have a much greater meaning. In a world that’s becoming more fragmented, segregated and filled with disagreement, sports can unite. We most recently witnessed this during the Olympics, and we see it in the World Championship to come. New friendships are made through sports. People with different backgrounds compete on the same terms and create memories together, eliminating boundaries and coming together through our differences. 

The main goal of “Stick together” is to evoke positive emotions in our communication. Not just relating to the championship itself, but also in relation to people, other sports and the world. 

As a sport and as an event, we want to represent a healthy competition based on the strive to win, always with respect for the opponent and in accordance with fair play. We fight for victory but adhere to shared norms and rules. We act in solidarity, bearing in mind not only our own success but also the success of the team, the country and the sport. 

In a broader context, “Stick together” evokes a sense of togetherness, unity and closeness. By using this as our tagline, we can refer to universal values which are common regardless of nationality, beliefs, background or age. It also opens up the possibility of communicating referring to issues of global importance, concerning all of humankind. Issues such as ecology, sustainable development and responsibility for ourselves, the world and the environment. 

Stick together in practice

The concept “Stick together” is the framework for all our communication and is the sender in all posts or other expressions coming from the 28th IHF Men’s World Championship Poland/Sweden 2023. We use “Stick together” to talk about the big questions and the broader context, but we also use “Stick together” locally in all marketing in each host city. 

Stick together for fair play.
Stick together as fans.
Stick together as a team.
Stick together to challenge. 
Stick together in the arena. 
Stick together to win. 

For more information:

Krister Bergström, CEO Handballs WCh 2023 Sweden
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Mobile: +46703-525622

Mats Olsson, Media Manager Handball WCh 2023 Sweden
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Grzegorz Gutkowski, Tournament Director Handball WCh 2023 Poland
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Kamil Kołsut, Media Manager Handball WCh 2023 Poland
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Mobile: +48 792-631-614

Press release of the Poland/Sweden 2023 Organising Committee