Serbia, Denmark, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia winners in placement round

25 Jul. 2013

Serbia, Denmark, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia winners in placement round

The second part of the placement round for the positions 9-16 of the Men’s Junior World Championship in Bosnia-Herzegovina was played on Thursday (25 July). Serbia, Denmark, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia were the winners. After those four matches the constellation for the placement matches on Saturday (27 July) is decided:

Placement match 9/10: Serbia vs. Slovenia

Placement match 11/12: Germany vs. Hungary

Placement match 13/14: Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Denmark

Placement match 15/16: Argentina vs. Tunisia

On Friday 26 July (before the semi-finals France vs. Sweden and Spain vs. Croatia) the placement round for the positions 5-8 will start, the winners of those two matches will face for the 5/6 ranks. The losers will play for the positions 7/8. Also those placement matches will be played on Saturday 27 July in the Zetra hall in Sarajevo.

Placement round:

Placement 9-12:

Germany – Serbia 31:32 (18:18)

In 60 minutes none of the teams could forge ahead to a bigger distance than two goals – a clear proof of the closeness of this match. Finally a penalty shot with the final buzzer, netted in by Bogdan Radivojevic, decide the duel of two big handball nations. In the first half both teams had played with highest passion, but with lowest defence performance. Nearly every attack ended in a goal. The biggest gap was a German 14:12, before and after the lead changed constantly. After the equal halftime result both sides improved their defence, but Germany still was not able to stop Serbian top scorer Stefan Ilic. Despite his ten goals, the last Serbian lead before the final stages was at 24:23 in minute 39. Then the Germans took control – but like in their eighth-final against France they missed too many chances to decide the match. Four minutes before the end, they seemed to be on the winner’s way, leading by 31:29. But Ilic and a double strike of Radivojevic made Serbia jump for joy. Best German scorer was Tim Dahlhaus by seven goals.

Hungary – Slovenia 19:23 (12:10)

Slovenia took their seventh victory in their eighth match in Bosnia-Herzegovina and like today’s opener Germany vs. Serbia the encounter of two top teams was a duel on highest level, this time especially regarding the defence performances. Both goalkeepers – Daniel Vaczi (Hungary/12 saves in the first half) and mainly Rok Zaponsek (Slovenia/18 saves in total) – imprinted the match. Slovenia had the better start and led by 7:5, before the Hungarians improved in attack and were backed by Vaczi to score a 6:1 series to the intermediate score of 11:8. The Hungarians still led until the break, before a quadruple Slovenian strike turned the match around at 14:12 in the beginning of the second half. And after Zaponsek first saved a Hungarian penalty shot and then a clear fast break chance his team mates managed to reach the first three goal lead at 16:13 in minute 38 and even went ahead pre-decisively to 22:17 in minute 54.

Placement 13-16:

Denmark – Tunisia 29:26 (17:12)

Tunisia again fought hard to bridge the gap to a European top nation, but finally Denmark took their first victory in the knock-out stage well-deserved. The base for the final result was the clear improvement of goalkeeper Alexander Jacobsen, who saved an overall of 12 shots. This performance backed his team mates, who had shocked Tunisia by a 4:0 opening series. The Africans recovered easily, equalized at 5:5 and even took the lead twice. But a 9:2 series to the intermediate score of 15:9 paved the winner’s way. Despite seven goals of top scorer Zoubeir Essais, Tunisia could not turn the match around. Latest at 25:19 (minute 43) the encounter was decided, the catch-up chase of the African came too late. Best Danish scorer was Theis Bagoe with seven goals from seven attempts.

Bosnia-Herzegovina – Argentina 36:29 (16:12)

After two bitter and close defeats in the knock-out stage, the World Championship host is back on track. Despite a weak start (1:5 and 6:10), Bosnia-Herzegovina showed fighting spirit and character to turn the match against Argentina around. Thanks to a 10:2 series until the break the way to the victory was paved. Bosnian hero were the goalkeepers Serdarevic and Novljanin by an overall of 15 saves and Elmir Gradan, who became top scorer of the match by ten goals. Though the second half was quite equal, the closest margin were six goals, so the third Argentine defeat in the knock-out stage was sealed very early. Without their top players Pablo Simonet (injured) and Santiago Baronetto (suspended for one match) Argentina was on equal level only for 20 minutes, but then was chanceless.