Qatar 2019: Day 2 – Quotes of the Day

12 Oct. 2019

Qatar 2019: Day 2 – Quotes of the Day

Throughout each matchday at the ANOC World Beach Games – Qatar 2019, will bring you quotes from all of those involved in the men’s and women’s beach handball competitions.

Uruguay’s Francisco Gallo Gomez on beating Hungary and his goalkeeper Richard Daniel Bica de Dominicis’ heroics in their shoot-out win:

“We are feeling great, they are a great team – we have faced each other in two world championships, but finally we won. In the shoot-outs he’s big, he’s the biggest on the court and he’s the best in America and here he has proved he is one of the greats also.”

Australian specialist Lucas Turecek on his teams after their 2-1 victory against Oman:

“It’s the whole team just working together. Standing behind each other, as brothers, on court and off court, the energy that we feed off of each other and that’s where the energy comes from, never give up, never drop back, keep moving forward.”

Denmark’s specialist Martin Andersen after beating the world champions Brazil for the second successive competition and defeating Sweden, both by 2-0 and both on the same day:

“It feels great to be able to compete at such a high level. We played a great match against an opponent we have huge respect for, but to beat our rivals from Sweden and the world champions Brazil both 2-0 is big. We showed some character today.”

“The key point for me was that we worked really well as a team and reached a high level at both ends. Our defence did our gameplan to almost perfection, and they made good conditions for our goalkeepers. Furthermore, we played really good and smart in the offence. I had a feeling today. I felt like we played like a unit. Everyone contributed to the win, which says a lot about our team.

“We respect every team we face and know that they all have a chance of beating us. But our previous nine matches in the national team we’ve won 2-0 so we’re really confident at the moment, but we also know that every team here has a great level. Hopefully we can keep it up.”

Brazil’s pivot Renata Santiago after they won their fourth game in a row at Qatar 2019:

“We have been working a lot of time to get here and I think that we are prepared to play with all the teams. But we know it’s not easy because everybody is playing very well, but we are still optimistic of winning. I always think I can be better, but I think I am playing well at the moment and I can help my team.

“The defence is the strong point in our team; they are so good and so bright, and they made the difference today.”

USA’s left wing Charlie White after they defeated Oman:

“It’s good to be back in the win column and now we need some more. We have a good defence, but the ball is a little wet so it’s tricky out there, but we were confident we would come out with a win. 

“It’s a dream come true to play at an international level with the best athletes in our sport, but I want to pick up my game and try and elevate it. When we played Brazil their defence was so good. I loved every minute of it, it’s one of the best tournaments of my life, I’m all ready for the next one.”

USA’s right wing Liz Hartnett after losing via shoot-out to Argentina:

“We were so close to winning so it’s tough, but we’ve got to bounce back, we’re staying here in the courts, not going back to the hotel. We still have an opportunity to advance with two wins and we have to get one this afternoon. Yesterday we were ahead by four points with three minutes left just like we were today against Argentina.

But we’re just growing, the fact that yesterday we went to golden goal against Brazil means that we’re growing, and we can really take on anyone - we’re going to get there soon.”