Poland/Sweden 2023: Squad changes

27 Jan. 2023

Poland/Sweden 2023: Squad changes

All the late registrations and player replacements for Poland/Sweden 2023 will appear here. This article will be updated throughout the championship.

For provisional (pre-tournament) 35-name squad lists and the 18-name definitive squad list PDFs please check the 'Teams' section of the Poland/Sweden 2023 mini-site here.

Player Replacements

*Information correct as of Friday 27 January 2023*

Friday 27 January

Germany (GER): #17 Lukas Zerbe (Right wing) IN, #95 Paul Drux (Left back) OUT

Wednesday 25 January

Egypt (EGY):  #17 Ahmed Khairi Nasralla (Centre back) IN, #11 Ahmed Elnakkady (Left wing) OUT

Republic of Korea (KOR): #99 Jaeyong Park (Goalkeeper) IN, #94 Changwoo Lee (Goalkeeper) OUT

Republic of Korea (KOR): #97 Yusung Jin (Line player) IN, #79 Seung Park (Line player) OUT

Saudi Arabia (KSA): #6 Hussain Furaij (Left wing), #15 Ahmad Al-Abdulali (Right wing)

Tuesday 24 January

Qatar (QAT): #27 Bilel Messoud Mrarha (Right back) IN, #25 Kamal Al Din Mallash (Centre back) OUT

Monday 23 January

Belgium (BEL): #60 Robbe Spooren (Centre back) IN, #29 Yannick Glorieux (Left wing) OUT

Denmark (DEN): #11 Rasmus Lauge Schmidt (Centre back) IN, #64 Lasse K. Møller (Left back) OUT

Denmark (DEN): #3 Niclas Vest Kirkeløkke (Right back) IN, #38 Mads Hoxer Hangaard (Right back) OUT

United States of America (USA): #20 Maksim Tanner (Left back) IN, #5 Amar Amitovic (Left back) OUT

Sunday 22 January

Croatia (CRO): #40 Nikola Grahovac (Line player) IN, #2 Lovro Mihic (Left wing) OUT

Republic of Iran (IRI): #13 Seyedmahdi Moosavi (Left back) IN, #2 Mojtaba Heidarpur (Left wing) OUT

Republic of Korea (KOR): #77 Yosub Lee (Centre back) IN, #97 Yusung Jin (Line player) OUT

Slovenia (SLO): #49 Grega Krecic (Right back) IN, #8 Blaz Janc (Right wing) OUT

Saturday 21 January

Belgium (BEL): #29 Yannick Glorieux (Left wing) IN, #Nr 80 Louis Delpire (Left back) OUT

Egypt (EGY): #42 Hassan Kaddah (Left back) IN, #17 Ahmed Khairi Nasralla (Centre back) OUT

Qatar (QAT): #25 Kamal Al Din Mallash (Centre back) IN, #6 Mohammed Mahmood Abdelmageed (Right wing) OUT

Qatar (QAT): #1 Rasheed Olukunle Yusuff (Goalkeeper) IN, #27 Bilel Messoud Mrarha (Right back) OUT

Republic of Korea (KOR): #34 Juan Oh (Centre back) IN, #77 Yoseb Lee (Centre back) OUT

Republic of Korea (KOR): #3 Jaeseop Shin (Right wing) IN, #99 Jaeyong Park (Goalkeeper) OUT

Saudi Arabia (KSA): #34 Ali Al-Saffar (Goalkeeper) IN, #5 Hassan Al-Janabi (Line Player) OUT

United States of America (USA): #16 Douglas Otterstrom (Goalkeeper) IN, #49 Jakob Rysgaard Christiansen (Right back) OUT

Friday 20 January

Egypt (EGY): #17 Ahmed Khairi Nasralla (Centre back), #42 Hassan Kaddah (Left back) OUT

Hungary (HUN): #26 Kristóf Palasics (Goalkeeper) IN, #5 Csaba Leimeter (Right back) OUT

Iceland (ISL): #20 Ágúst Elí Björgvinsson (Goalkeeper) IN, #13 Ólafur Andrés Guðmundsson (Left back) OUT

Qatar (QAT): #44 Salem Anwar Jedaied (Line player) IN, #9 Rafael Capote (Left back) OUT

Poland (POL): #20 Maciej Pilitowski (Centre back) IN, #5 Michał Olejniczak (Centre back) OUT

Thursday 19 January

Belgium (BEL): #42 Joris Gillé (Line player) IN, #29 Yannic Glorieux (Left wing)

Poland (POL): #1 Mateusz Kornecki (Goalkeeper) IN, #50 Jakub Skrzyniarz (Goalkeeper) OUT

United States of America (USA): #10 Ty Reed (Right wing) IN, #48 Maximillian Binderis (Right wing) OUT

Wednesday 18 January

Serbia (SRB): #96 Dejan Milosavljev (Goalkeeper) IN, #23 Predrag Vejin (Right back) OUT

Slovenia (SLO): #22 Matej Gaber (Line player) IN, #29 Matej Gaber (Left back) OUT

Tuesday 17 January

Belgium (BEL): #26 Sébastien Danesi (Left back) IN, #42 Joris Gillé (Line player) OUT

Denmark (DEN): #27 Michael Damgaard Nielsen (Left back) IN, #11 Rasmus Lauge Schmidt (Centre back) OUT

Qatar (QAT): #32  Ali Alderi (Left wing) IN, #25 Kamal Al Din Mallash (Centre back) OUT

United States of America (USA): #3 Sean Corning (Right wing) IN, #10 Ty Reed (Right wing) OUT

Monday 16 January

Saudi Arabia (KSA): #16 Mohammad Al-Salem (Goalkeeper) IN, #34 Ali Al-Saffar (Goalkeeper) OUT

Spain (ESP): #31 Pol Valera Rovira (Centre back) IN, #36 Ian Tarrafeta Serrano (Centre back) OUT

Saturday 14 January

North Macedonia (MKD): #79 David Savrevski (Right back) ,#34 Tomislav Jagurinoski (Right back) OUT

Republic of Iran (IRI): #33 Mehrdad Samsami (Centre back), #13 Seyedmahdi Moosavi (Left back) OUT

Slovenia (SLO): #31 Mazej Tadej (Left Wing) IN, #19 Stas Jovicic (Left Wing) OUT

Saudi Arabia (KSA): #34 Ali Al-Saffar (Goalkeeper) IN, #16 Mohammad Al-Salem (Goalkeeper) OUT

Player replacement criteria

Each team may replace up to five (5) players at any time (e.g. each team may put in five (5) new players or may put in a player who has already been replaced once). Players may be replaced with players indicated in the provisional list only.

Player replacements during the World Championship after submitting the definitive list due to positive COVID-19 cases will not be deducted from the total of five replacements each team is entitled to. This is only valid for replacements within 48 hours after the infection of the player concerned has become known.

In case a suspended player is replaced by another player, the new player is only eligible to play after the suspension has lapsed.



*Information correct as of Friday 27 January 2023*

Friday 27 January

Germany (GER): #39 Lukas Stutzke (Left back)

Friday 20 January 

Morocco (MAR): #14 Adam Arbaa (Centre back) 

Wednesday 18 January

Montenegro (MNE): #10 Miodrag Corsovic (Line player)

Tuesday 17 January

Croatia (CRO): #35 Mate Šunjić (Goalkeeper)

Republic of Korea (KOR): #94 Changwoo Lee (Goalkeeper)

Saturday 14 January

Spain (ESP): #21 Joan Canellas Reixach (Left back)

Late registration criteria

If a team has registered less than the number of players allowed in the definitive list, it may register one (1) additional player from the provisional list during the competition. The late registration should be done on the respective match day at the latest.