New members of IHF Athletes’ Commission to be elected at Paris 2024

05 Jun. 2024

New members of IHF Athletes’ Commission to be elected at Paris 2024

As the members of the IHF Athletes’ Commission are to be elected during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the IHF is asking all handball players who meet the eligibility criteria to submit their candidatures for the position of member of the IHF Athletes’ Commission for the election period 2024-2028.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) introduced the IHF Athletes’ Commission to establish a link between the athletes and the IHF and allow the elected members to represent the athletes’ interests towards the IHF. The important commission is composed of five members, with at least two members from each gender.
The mandate of the IHF Interim Athletes’ Commission appointed by the IHF Council in September 2021 will end with the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in Paris from 26 July 2024 to 11 August 2024. Therefore, an election will take place during the mentioned event in order to renew the composition of the Athletes’ Commission for the 2024-2028 period.

Candidate requirements
Candidates need to be at least 20 years old and must not have been sanctioned for a doping offence or unsportsmanlike actions. In addition, they must have participated in at least two IHF Senior World Championships, be active handball players and have a good command of the English language.

Voting process and period

National Federations must nominate their candidates by submitting the corresponding online candidature form before 30 June 2024The online candidature form can be accessed here.

Upon receipt of the candidatures, the IHF will collect and control the candidatures and publish corresponding information on the IHF website, presenting all candidates and giving general information on the applicants by 15 July 2024. All athletes participating in the Olympic Handball Tournaments have the right to vote during the period of the Olympic Games. 

Mission of the IHF Athletes’ Commission

The mission of the IHF Athletes’ Commission, according to Article 1 of the Regulations for IHF Athletes’ Commission, is to represent the views of the athletes and make their voice heard within the IHF. The chairperson of the Commission will be a full member of the IHF Council representing the views of the athletes in the Council and giving corresponding recommendations. 

More in-depth information can be found in the ‘Regulations for IHF Athletes’ Commission’, which can be accessed here.