New ITA Webinar to deliver crucial information for athletes

24 Sep. 2023

New ITA Webinar to deliver crucial information for athletes

The International Testing Agency (ITA) continues its series of webinars dedicated to provide athletes with practical guidance and advice to give confidence and to fulfil all responsibilities regarding anti-doping measures.

The latest instalment in the series will take place on Tuesday, 26 September, and will deliver an interesting theme, “Proactive Reporting of Doping in Sport: An athlete-centric approach”. 

Based on WADA statistics, 98.75% of ADRVs involved athletes? This means that only 1.25% of ADRVs were tied to Athlete Support Personnel (ASPs), yet experience indicates that athletes rarely dope alone. Some of the biggest cases of uncovering of major, systematic doping regimes have come from proactive reporting? 

The three panellists for the webinar will be Toby Atkins, ITA Education Ambassador and proactive reporter, Nicholas Raudenski, ITA Head of Intelligence & Investigations and moderator Nikki Hamblin, from the ITA Education theme.

This webinar will be highly interactive, as the previous ones, with the participants being able to ask questions and share their thoughts at the end of the presentations shared by the panellists.

All of the ITA webinars are conducted in English with simultaneous translation to Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian.

You can register for the webinar by clicking here.