IHF Beach Handball Showcase: Qatar coach Aly – ‘Introduce the world to our beautiful game’

10 Jul. 2024

IHF Beach Handball Showcase: Qatar coach Aly – ‘Introduce the world to our beautiful game’

From 27 to 29 July, the ‘IHF Beach Handball Showcase’ will take place on the fringes of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
Three men’s and three women’s All-star Teams, plus the French men’s and women’s national teams will play Beach Handball games across three days coached by six world-renowned, medal-laden coaches.

In total, 64 (32 men, 32 women) of the world’s best Beach Handball players from 18 countries will feature, including players from Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Islamic Republic of Iran, Netherlands, Norway, People’s Republic of China, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, United States of America and Uruguay.

In a special series of question and answers, IHF.info hears from players and coaches selected for the showcase. This time, it is 2023 IHF Beach Handball Global Tour – Finals gold medal-winning coach with Qatar, Khaled Aly, one of the coaches at the event in Paris.

IHF.info: How do you feel to be selected for this event?

Khaled Aly:
I was extremely happy when I heard the news of my nomination for this event. It was a wonderful feeling that cannot be described – on the one hand, the feeling of my participation in the first Beach Handball showcase event at an Olympic Games, and on the other hand, the participation of my sons – the players who were nominated from the State of Qatar for this important event.
There is no doubt that any Beach Handball coach would like to participate in this prominent event, especially since it is part of the activities of the largest global sporting gathering such as the Olympic Games.

IHF.info: Why is the IHF Beach Handball Showcase important for Beach Handball?

Khaled Aly:
This event is considered very important for Beach Handball and an achievement as well. We hope that this would be the beginning of an approved tournament in a future Olympic Games with the presence of those responsible for sports in the world. This event is an opportunity to introduce them to our beautiful game.

IHF.info: What has been your biggest success in Beach Handball as a coach?

Khaled Aly:
In fact, there is no victory greater than one. I am proud of all the achievements I have achieved during my training career, but if I had to mention one, i would say that I have achieved the first place with the Qatar national team in IHF Beach Handball Global Tour that was recently held in Qatar, as well as the second place in the IHF Men’s Beach Handball World Championship, in addition to many titles in Asia too.

IHF.info: What do you love about Beach Handball? / How does Beach Handball make you feel?

Khaled Aly:
Beach Handball is held outdoors and this in itself gives me a feeling of not being restricted in a closed place. It also has the advantage of being held on the sea, and we all know how attached people are to the sea and beaches. Beach Handball gives a sense of fun, especially in the hand and body movements when shooting at goal. There's a lot to love about beach handball.

IHF.info: What are your hopes for the future of Beach Handball and the Olympic Games?

Khaled Aly:
First of all, I hope that Beach Handball will spread more around the world, as I believe that it is an inexpensive and popular game that can be played in all countries and for all people. I also hope that Beach Handball would be adopted into the Olympic Games like other sports.

IHF.info: What would you say to anyone who has never played or watched Beach Handball and is thinking of getting involved with the sport?

Khaled Aly:
I advise any player or any person, whether they play a game or not, to practice Beach Handball. I am sure that this game will add a spirit of enjoyment to anyone. Everyone I met who played Beach Handball had the same idea, that there is fun and a strong motivation to play this game.

The IHF Beach Handball Showcase is a collaborative effort between the IHF, Paris 2024 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (COJOP2024), French Handball Federation (FFHB) and International Olympic Committee (IOC).