Dr Moustafa attends training course for IHF C Licence hopefuls in Cairo

25 Jul. 2022

Dr Moustafa attends training course for IHF C Licence hopefuls in Cairo

Between 14 and 22 July 2022, on the fringes of the CAHB African Men’s Handball Championship, 39 coaches from 15 different African countries attended an IHF C-Licence training course held in Egypt’s capital Cairo.

As handball is constantly growing in Africa, so is the interest in developing the sport in a healthy and correct approach – and, therefore, more coaches are needed to ensure the plan is correctly put in place. 

Under the supervision of Paul Landuré, a member of the IHF Commission of Coaching and Methods (CCM), and Nahla Boudhina, the African Representative in the CCM, the candidates attended different lectures and courses, where theoretical and practical exercises were conducted.

During the course – jointly organised by the International Handball Federation (IHF), the African Handball Confederation (CAHB) and the French Handball Federation (FFHB) – the candidates for the IHF C Licence improved their skills and learned about the latest developments in handball, with 35 of the 39 participants celebrating the IHF C Licence at the end.

IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa attended the course on 16 July, supervised the lectures and also chaired the closing ceremony of the course. Dr Moustafa thanked the organisers of the course and underlined the great work done by the CAHB, represented by its President Mansorou Aremou, in developing handball in Africa.