Angola are Kings and Queens of Africa

03 Sep. 2019

Angola are Kings and Queens of Africa

The 2019 edition of the African Games finished Saturday in Rabat, Morocco with Angola claiming both the men’s and women’s handball gold medals.

As winners of the last three editions (2007, 2011, 2015) the women’s team were, maybe, predictable 2019 winners as they breezed through the preliminary stage with wins against Guinea (30:19), Nigeria (33:16), Morocco (45:11) and DR Congo (27:21), before a 36:12 quarter-final victory over Uganda, and semi-final defeat of Guinea (31:14). Their 28:25 victory over Cameroon in the final came after a first half which saw them lead by five (15:10). In the bronze medal match DR Congo easily beat Guinea 32:22.

The Angolan men’s team opened up their preliminary round campaign with wins against Nigeria (31:20), Burkina Faso (27:21) and DR Congo (25:19), before drawing against Algeria (26:26), but then a 41:20 last eight victory over Zambia inspired them to a 27:24 semi-final victory over hosts Morocco and then a somewhat surprising 31:25 victory over Egypt in the final – the team who had beaten them at the same stage in the last two editions – 2011 and 2015. The Angolans had led 15:12 at half-time.

Morocco did their best to put on a show for the home fans as they won a hard-fought match against Algeria, 25:22, for bronze.

Speaking on his official Twitter account directly after the double gold, President of Angola and Head of State Joan Lourenco said: “I congratulate our women's and men's handball teams for winning gold medals in the African games of Morocco. Only persistent work and struggle can bring us victory and glory – congratulations.”

The men’s and women’s handball competitions took place in the Omnisport Hall and Ibrahim Sarhane Sports Hall at the Mohammed V Sports Complex, an indoor sports centre complex in Maarif, Casablanca.

2019 African Games – Handball


Men’s Competition
1 Angola (ANG)
2 Egypt (EGY)
3 Morocco (MAR)
4 Algeria (ALG)
5 DR Congo (COD)
6 Nigeria (NGR)
7 Guinea (GUI)
8 Zambia (ZAM)
9 Burkina Faso (BUR)

Women’s Competition
1 Angola (ANG)
2 Cameroon (CMR)
3 DR Congo (COD)
4 Guinea (GUI)
5 Tunisia (TUN)
6 Algeria (ALG)
7 Morocco (MAR)
8 Uganda (UGA)
9 Nigeria (NGR)
10 Kenya (KEN)


Men’s Competition (9 teams – Cameroon did not participate): 
Preliminary Group A: Zambia (ZAM), Morocco (MAR), Guinea (GUI), Egypt (EGY)
Preliminary Group B: Algeria (ALG), Burkina Faso (BUR) Nigeria (NGR), DR Congo (COD), Angola (ANG)

Women’s Competition (10 teams – Egypt did not participate): 
Preliminary Group A: DR Congo (COD), Morocco (MAR), Angola (ANG), Nigeria (NGR), Guinea (GUI)
Preliminary Group B: Cameroon (CMR), Uganda (UGA), Algeria (ALG), Tunisia (TUN), Uganda (UGA)

Tuesday 20 August

Men’s Competition
ALG vs BUR 31:26
ANG vs NGR 31:20
MAR vs ZAM 51:14

Women’s Competition
ANG vs GUI 30:19
CMR vs ALG 33:26
UGA vs KEN Did not start
NGR vs MAR 20:26

Wednesday 21 August

Men’s Competition
EGY vs GUI 42:22
ALG vs NGR 24:22
COD vs BUR 29:28

Women’s Competition
CMR vs UGA 43:22
KEN vs TUN 26:43
MAR vs COD 25:45
ANG vs NGR 33:16

Thursday 22 August

Men’s Competition
BUR vs ANG 21:27
COD vs ALG 20:20
GUI vs MAR 18:37

Women’s Competition
MAR vs ANG 11:45
KEN vs CMR 21:44
GUI vs COD 21:26
ALG vs TUN 26:24

Friday 23 August
Rest Day

Saturday 24 August

Men’s Competition
ZAM vs EGY 23:42
NGR vs BUR 28:17
ANG vs COD 25:19

Women’s Competition
ALG vs KEN 28:25
COD vs NGR 29:23
TUN vs UGA 43:19
GUI vs MAR 33:29

Sunday 25 August

Men’s Competition
ZAM vs GUI 33:41
COD vs NGR 21:21
ANG vs ALG 26:26
EGY vs MAR 32:27

Women’s Competition
ALG vs UGA 33:28
GUI vs NGR 31:28
ANG vs COD 27:21
CMR vs TUN 32:25

Monday 26 August

Men’s Competition
Quarter-Final: EGY vs NGR 27:26
Quarter-Final: ALG vs GUI 33:18
Quarter-Final: ZAM vs ANG 20:41
Quarter-Final: MAR vs COD 26:23

Women’s Competition
Quarter-Final: ALG vs GUI 27:29
Quarter-Final: ANG vs UGA 36:12
Quarter-Final: MAR vs CMR 29:47
Quarter-Final: COD vs TUN 36:25

Tuesday 27 August
Rest Day

Wednesday 28 August

Men’s Competition
Placement Round 5-8: COD vs ZAM 42:20 
Placement Round 5-8: NGR vs GUI 23:17
Semi-Final: EGY vs ALG 40:23
Semi-Final: MAR vs ANG 24:27

Women’s Competition
9/10 Placement Match: NGR vs KEN 31:27
Placement Round 5-8: UGA vs ALG 24:34
Placement Round 5-8: TUN vs MAR 34:25
Semi-Final: ANG vs GUI 31:14
Semi-Final: COD vs CMR 25:30

Thursday 29 August

Men’s Competition
7/8 Placement Match: GUI vs ZAM 39:19
5/6 Placement Match: NGR vs COD 18:19
3/4 Placement/Bronze Medal Match: ALG vs MAR 22:25
Final/Gold Medal Match: EGY vs ANG 25:31

Women’s Competition
7/8 Placement Match: UGA vs MAR 27:34
5/6 Placement Match: ALG vs TUN 24:28
3/4 Placement/Bronze Medal Match: GUI vs COD 22:32
Final/Gold Medal Match: ANG vs CMR 28:25

For more information about handball at the Games, visit the official website or their social media channels: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.