“Aim to Excite” at the 26th IHF Women’s World Championship

30 Aug. 2022

“Aim to Excite” at the 26th IHF Women’s World Championship

Precisely 15 months are separating us from the start of the 26th IHF Women's World Championship in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which will take place between 30 November 2023 and 17 December 2023, and the brand identity of the competition has now been revealed.

The logo symbolizes a handball rushing through the air into the back of the goal, basically the pillar of the sport. The colours of the ball also represent the flags of the three host nations – Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

"It is with great excitement and proudness we are launching the logo and slogan for the 2023 IHF Women's World Championship. Together with Sweden and Denmark, we have been waiting for this milestone moment, and with the colourful logo shining upon us, it feels like the championship is just around the bend," says Kia Haftorn Otnes, Managing Director of the Norwegian Organizing Committee.

Excitement is part of handball; it is just how the sport can bring everything to the table. Everything begins with the handball's ability to thrill the fans through superb passes, solid shots and outstanding players who are taming the ball to improve their team's chances.

Therefore, the slogan of the competition, "Aim to Excite", underlines the rush of excitement known by all the shareholders of the game, from players to coaches, to the fans cheering in the stands for their favourite team.

"Excitement is where handball all starts, and excitement is what makes it endure. It is at the core of every great player, in the heart of every young beginner and on the face of every spectator. And we truly are excited to welcome you all to a celebration of handball throughout Scandinavia," says Morten Stig Christensen, the President of the Danish Handball Federation.

The Danish branding- and design agency Urgent.Agency has created the logo and the brand identity for the championship. 

"The logo and slogan of the 2023 IHF Women's World Championship capture handball perfectly well – a fast and dynamic sport full of passion and emotion, which fascinates fans all around the world. We are thrilled about the journey we are about to embark on and look forward to a spectacular and exciting event. Women's handball will certainly shine on Scandinavian soil," adds Dr Hassan Moustafa, the President of the IHF. 

32 teams will be at the start of the competition, with four preliminary round groups hosted by Denmark and two each by Sweden and Norway. Two main round groups will also participate in Denmark and each one in Sweden and Norway, with the final weekend due to be hosted in Denmark, as well as the President's Cup.

Denmark hosted the IHF Women's World Championship in 2015. While Norway organized the 1993 edition, they were co-hosts of the 1999 tournament. Sweden will host the world's flagship tournament for the first time, with Denmark/Norway/Sweden 2023 also marking a premiere, the first time when three countries host the championship.