Paris Handball Qualification 2024 - Women's tournaments

11 Apr. - 14 Apr. Hungary, Spain, Germany

The three Women's Handball Qualification Tournaments for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games were held from 11 to 14 April 2024 in Hungary (Tournament 1), Spain (Tournament 2) and Germany (Tournament 3). 


Tournament 1: Sweden (SWE), Hungary (HUN), Great Britain (GBR)**, Japan (JPN)

Tournament 2: Netherlands (NED), Czechia (CZE), Argentina (ARG), Spain (ESP)

Tournament 3: Germany (GER), Montenegro (MNE), Slovenia (SLO), Paraguay (PAR)


Tournament 1: HUN*, SWE*, JPN, GBR

Tournament 2: NED*, ESP*, CZE, ARG 

Tournament 3: GER*, SLO*, MNE, PAR



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*Qualified for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

**Cameroon did not comply with the documentation required for the visa and was replaced by Great Britain.

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