Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

23 Jul. - 08 Aug. Japan

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, officially known as the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from 23 July to 8 August 2021. Originally scheduled in summer 2020, they have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Twelve men's and women's teams each will fight for glory at the Yoyogi National Stadium, trying to make their dream of an Olympic medal come true. 


Men’s Handball Tournament

Argentina (ARG), Bahrain (BRN), Brazil (BRA), Denmark (DEN), Egypt (EGY), France (FRA), Germany (GER), Japan (JPN), Norway (NOR), Portugal (POR), Spain (ESP), Sweden (SWE)

Women’s Handball Tournament

Angola (ANG), Brazil (BRA), France (FRA), Hungary (HUN), Japan (JPN), Republic of Korea (KOR), Montenegro (MNE), Netherlands (NED), Norway (NOR), Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Spain (ESP), Sweden (SWE)


The draw for the Tokyo 2020 Handball Tournaments will be held in the IHF Head Office in Basel, Switzerland on 1 April 2021, at 10:00am CEST. 


Men’s Handball Tournament

Pot 1: Denmark, Norway
Pot 2: France, Sweden
Pot 3: Germany, Portugal
Pot 4: Brazil, Japan
Pot 5: Spain, Egypt
Pot 6: Argentina, Bahrain

Women’s Handball Tournament

Pot 1: Netherlands, Spain
Pot 2: Russian Olympic Committee, Montenegro
Pot 3: Norway, Hungary
Pot 4: Sweden, Japan
Pot 5: France, Republic of Korea
Pot 6: Angola, Brazil

Draw procedure

1. Teams in pot 6 are drawn to groups A and B in row 6.
2. Teams in pot 5 are drawn to groups A and B in row 5.
3. Teams in pot 3 are drawn to groups A and B in row 3.
4. Teams in pot 2 are drawn to groups A and B in row 2.
5. Teams in pot 1 are drawn to groups A and B in row 1.
6. Organiser Japan has the prerogative to assign itself to a group of its choice in row 4.
7. The remaining team in pot 4 is assigned to the other group in row 4.

The draw will be streamed live on the IHF Facebook page

Visit tokyo2020.org for more information on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

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