Technical Courses for Coaches: Tajikistan


Working closely with the Handball Federation of the Republic of Tajikistan (HFRT), a seven-day Technical Course for Coaches took place in the capital city of the central Asian country, Dushanbe, from 25 to 31 October 2021 and was led by IHF Commission of Coaching and Methods (CCM) Lecturer Igor Shestakov.

Six female and nine male local HFRT-registered coaches, all with a higher specialised education and handball coach diploma, were in attendance as they learnt more in-depth intricacies about the sport. 

Through more than 41 hours-worth of theoretical and practical lessons, coaches studied theoretical material, had discussions and participated in group work, during which they prepared educational material for practical classes.

Theoretical classes were held at the Tajikistan NOC in the morning, while the gym of the Institute of Physical Culture was the venue in the afternoons for practical classes, featuring students from the Institute.

The final day of the course saw Tajikistan NOC Secretary General Abdullozoda Muhammadsho deliver a report on anti-doping where he emphasised the important and significant contribution that coaches make towards the prevention of the use of prohibited substances and methods within sport.

The closing ceremony was held at the Tajikistan NOC headquarters in Dushanbe with participants being awarded International Olympic Committee, Tajikistan NOC and IHF (D Coaching Licence) certificates in the presence of NOC Secretary General Muhammadsho and HFRT President Mukhammad-Farid Mirzokhodiev.


Igor Shestakov (RUS/NOR)

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