Handball at school


Under the motto ‘fun, passion and health’, the International Handball Federation launched a comprehensive training and education programme for PE teachers and coaches in schools across all continents in 2011 called Handball at School ([email protected]). [email protected] introduces and teaches handball with adapted rules to make the game more accessible, challenging and enjoyable for children ages 5 to 17. In the first eight years of this programme, we have carried out more than 100 editions around the world, and with the help of our hosting federations, have identified and developed more than 300 new epicentres for the sport’s growth.

The organisation of the Level 1 course for beginners follows a three-day schedule and takes place at three different venues. By staging the course at three separate venues, more teachers from different parts of the country can be reached. Participants who successfully complete the Level 1 course for beginners will be awarded with the IHF D Licence. The IHF highly encourages National Federations to organise [email protected] courses. You can apply by completing the application form below and sending it to the IHF office.

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[email protected] Lecturers

Led by Dr Ilona Hapkova, the [email protected] Lecturers lead courses around the world.

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Course Materials

Find the course materials for [email protected] available for download.