Denmark vs Tunisia: Correction of final match result

06 Dec. 2021

Denmark vs Tunisia: Correction of final match result

The final match result of the match Denmark vs Tunisia on Thursday 2 December 2021 has been amended to 35:16. 

On Thursday, one goal scored by Denmark was not counted in the final result, which was confirmed by video analysis. The individual statistics will be updated accordingly. 

The video analysis of the match situation is as follows:  

  • At 41:05, Denmark lead 22:10; Tunisia is in attack and the score is correct at this point.
  • 41:23 – one goal is deducted from TUN
  • 42:18 – goal DEN, score in match: 23:9 (correct score should be 23:10)
  • 43:14 – goal DEN by #32, result not immediately reflected, then goal counted for TUN to have the score of 23:10 (correct score should be 24:10)
  • 44:58 – goal DEN, score in game 24:10 (correct score should be 25:10)
  • 45:42 – TUN in attack, score is finally corrected by local operator to 25:10; at this moment, match management table and statistics are synchronised again
  • 45:50 – goal DEN, score in match 26:10
  • 46:34 – time-out TUN, during the time-out one goal is deducted from DEN, which is missing in the final result

Internal measures and consequences have been taken to make sure that a similar incident will not happen again.