Last-second Liscevic goal secures key win for Serbia

09 Dec. 2019

Last-second Liscevic goal secures key win for Serbia

After starting the 24th IHF Women’s World Championship main round with zero points, Serbia have climbed to four with two solid wins, the second of which came in a thrilling match against Germany on Monday afternoon. Germany were in front as late as the 59th minute, before Serbia snatched the victory with the two final goals of the match. 

Serbia thereby took their points tally to four, while Germany remained on five. 

Germany vs Serbia 28:29 (17:19) 

It all came down to the final minute. Germany were in front by one with just over 60 seconds to play, before Serbia captain Jelena Lavko equalised. A save on the next Germany attack from goalkeeper Jovana Risovic kept the game level and paved the way for Serbia to take the win. 

A penalty was called with seconds remaining, and Serbia centre back Kristina Liscevic did not falter, earning her side a thrilling victory that had seemed out of reach as Germany held the edge and left Serbia chasing from the 42nd minute to the last. 

Just as they did against Republic of Korea in their main round opener, Serbia had a great start to the game against Germany, holding the edge from the outset. However, due to the solid 6-0 defence played by Germany, they also made some errors that meant they could not pull too far in front. 

Serbia had a steady one to two-goal lead through the opening 10 minutes, 5:6, before a 3:0 partial quite suddenly had Germany trailing with a clear four-goal margin. When Serbia took the score to 9:5 in the 13th minute, it was thanks to what was already the fifth goal from the line players. Both Dragana Cvijic and Sladana Pop-Lazic played a crucial role in finding gaps in the defence, together with centre back Kristina Liscevic. 

It was also on the line that Germany found the best shooting opportunities, reflecting the great defence from both teams that forced patient attacks as they hunted for the most promising chances. 

Serbia increased the gap to as clear as five goals, 7:12 in the 18th minute, before Germany came back. Late in the first half, Germany decreased the deficit to one at 14:15 thanks to a goal from wing Antje Lauenroth. They even drew level before Serbia reopened an advantage in the last minutes before the break. 

Five minutes into the second period, Germany pulled the game level once more, 20:20 – and from there, the tables seemed to turn. Although the score was equal more than once, Germany always scored first and appeared to have the momentum. But Serbia’s determination paid off in the last minute, and they were rewarded with their first lead since the 41st minute right before the buzzer sounded in Aqua Dome. 

hummel Player of the Match: Amelie Berger, Germany