Korea draw with Germany and claim top of group B

06 Dec. 2019

Korea draw with Germany and claim top of group B

The second match of the day in group B would not only determine the group winner – both Germany and Republic of Korea had already booked their tickets to the main round but needed the win to take as many points as possible to the next stage. 

After 60 minutes of thrilling handball action, though, the teams ultimately shared the points as the match ended in a draw. As Korea went into the match on seven points and Germany on six, this means Korea top the table in group B after the preliminary round. 

Germany vs Republic of Korea 27:27 (15:14)

Korea started well with two quick goals but Germany caught up, levelling the game at 2:2 and then turning it around being two in front themselves at 4:2. Germany adapted well to Korea’s style of play and did not allow them to get into the game – instead, it was Germany who scored five fast-break goals in the first eleven and a half minutes (9:6), while the Asian champions were trailing.  

Overall five two-minute suspensions in the first half, however, took their toll on the German team and a six-goal lead in the 15th minute was slowly reduced by Korea and had vanished in minute 27 as Korea levelled the game at 12:12 after a 6-0 run. After that, it was anyone’s game as neither side could take a decisive lead.

After the break, it was again Korea who started stronger and were able to turn the match around three and a half minutes into the second thirty minutes. Korea pulled three in front after 43 minutes, but Germany managed to get back within one. The same procedure was repeated afterwards, with the Asian team being four in front but Germany coming back in the last minutes. 

In minute 59, Germany managed to level the game again at 27:27 and as Korea’s Eunhye Kang committed a technical fault, they had the chance to get in front in the last 30 seconds. However, Emily Bölk missed the final shot and therefore, both teams earned one point each.  

Top scorer of the match was Korea’s Eun Hee Ryu with 10 goals, followed by Germany’s Julia Behnke who scored seven. 

hummel Player of the Match: Migyeong Lee (KOR)

Photo: JHA/Sports Event