IHF and hummel strike new strategic partnership until 2027

11 Jan. 2023

IHF and hummel strike new strategic partnership until 2027

The International Handball Federation (IHF) is proud to announce a new five-year partnership with Danish sports brand hummel that will span from 2023 to 2027, extending their previous agreement which ran from 2019.

Hummel, who has a long-standing tradition in the handball world, will continue to be the official equipment supplier of the IHF for all indoor and beach handball events organised under its aegis for the next five years, including the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The first event where hummel will make its mark in the new partnership will be the 2023 IHF Men's World Championship, due to start on 11 January, a 32-team bonanza which will take place at nine venues in Poland and Sweden.

As one of the official sponsors of the competition, the Danish sportswear brand has decided to draw attention to the inclusivity of sport and the fact that everyone should have the right to play handball.

Once again, hummel will replace the traditional 'Player of the Match' award, received by the best player of a match, by donating handball equipment to less fortunate girls in Sierra Leone.
It will be the fifth competition organised under the aegis of the International Handball Federation to feature the reimagined award after three previous editions of the IHF Senior World Championships: the women's events at Japan 2019 and Spain 2021 and the men's competition at Egypt 2021, but also the IHF Men's Super Globe in November 2022.  

"I am very pleased to announce that the International Handball Federation and hummel continue the legacy of giving at the 2023 IHF Men's World Championship. By transforming the 'Player of the Match' award into donations, we hope to contribute to the inclusivity of handball and to the realisation that a better world can be achieved through sports," says IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa. 

“Handball is engrained in our brand DNA, and that’s why we’re proud to announce an extension of our partnership with the International Handball Federation. There’s no doubt that our collaboration with the IHF has been a valuable part of our commitment to supporting the growth of handball around the world, and we look forward to continuing our shared journey of promoting the powerful values of teamwork, discipline and fair play that are at the heart of handball,” says hummel CEO Allan Vad Nielsen.

After each match, the 'hummel Player of The Match' will get the opportunity to pass on his talent and passion for handball to the next generation by donating handball equipment to the organisation FANT. This applies to all 112 matches at Poland/Sweden 2023.

"For the fourth edition of the IHF World Championship in a row, we are extremely proud to be supporting FANT and their project in Sierra Leone, providing the girls with better conditions for playing the sport they love. This is a tremendous initiative that will not only continue to grow the sport of handball but also make it more diverse and inclusive – and most importantly, it helps to create a community where girls can stand up for themselves and be stronger together," says Vad Nielsen.
FANT – Football for A New Tomorrow – is an organisation founded in 2012 by the Athens 2004 women's handball Olympic gold medallist with Denmark, Josephine Touray. FANT is a humanitarian organisation that enables development and change for children and young people through the establishment and operation of sports associations. FANT experienced how difficult it could be to get girls involved in football activities, with boys dominating the game around the world, and in some countries it can be hard to break down prejudices and beliefs that football is not a sport for girls.

"We're extremely proud and thankful to receive generous support from hummel once again. Results from the previous years of support have shown a huge impact of the project in improving the opportunities for girls within handball. Every day we get one step closer and we're so grateful to share this journey together with hummel," says Head of Administration at FANT, Josephine Touray.