Egypt 2021: The Best - Main Round

27 Jan. 2021

Egypt 2021: The Best - Main Round

Throughout the 2021 IHF Men’s World Championship Main Round which started on Wednesday 20 January and finished on Monday 25 January, a total of 36 matches were played with some impressive individual and team performances, statistically-speaking.

24 teams battled it out in the main round, with 20 winning at least one 'hummel Player of the Match' award. 

Half of the quarter-finalists; Denmark, Egypt, Spain and Sweden took the award in all three of their games, with Switzerland also having a 100% record of awarding.

France, who topped their group and have a perfect record at Egypt 2021 so far, did not win one in the second phase.

Every single match - like all at Egypt 2021 - saw fans have the opportunity to help decide the ‘hummel Player of the Match’ award, via the IHF Official App with the IHF Analyst on site nominating a shortlist of three influential players with five minutes remaining and getting fans to vote.

Hummel Player of the Match awards – Egypt 2021
(Main Round, 36 games played)

Per Team

3 – Denmark (DEN), Egypt (EGY), Spain (ESP), Switzerland (SUI), Sweden (SWE) – 5 teams

2 – Croatia (CRO), Hungary (HUN), Norway (NOR), Poland (POL), Portugal (POR), Qatar (QAT) – 6 teams

1 – Algeria (ALG), Argentina (ARG), Brazil (BRA), Germany (GER), Iceland (ISL), Japan (JPN), North Macedonia (MKD), Russian Handball Federation (RHF), Slovenia (SLO) – 9 teams 

0 – Bahrain (BRN), Belarus (BLR), France (FRA), Uruguay (URU) – 4 teams

Per Position

9 – Goalkeeper
7 – Left Back
6 – Left Wing
6 – Right Back
5 – Centre Back
2 – Line Player (Pivot)
1 – Right Wing

Per Player


1 – (32 players)

Per Shirt Number

4 – #16

3 – #7, #9

2 - #5, #15, #27, #66

Per Game

Game Player  Country Position Shirt #
SUI vs ISL Nikola Portner SUI Goalkeeper 16
MKD vs SLO Urban Lesjak SLO Goalkeeper 90
FRA vs ALG Messaoud Berkous ALG Left back 6
RHF vs EGY Ahmad El-Ahmar EGY Right back 66
POR vs NOR Humberto Gomes POR Goalkeeper 16
SWE vs BLR Hampus Wanne SWE Left wing 15
URU vs POL Szymon Sicko POL Left back 9
JPN vs ARG Federico Pizarro ARG Right back 3
HUN vs BRA Roland Mikler HUN Goalkeeper 16
CRO vs BRN Marin Sego CRO Goalkeeper 55
ESP vs GER Raul Entrerrios ESP Centre back 9
DEN vs QAT Mathias Gidsel DEN Right back 33
SUI vs POR Andy Schmid SUI Centre back 2
MKD vs RHF Igor Soroka RHF Left wing 44
ISL vs FRA Bjarki Mar Elisson ISL Left wing 8
EGY vs BLR Ahmed Hesham EGY Centre back 15
NOR vs ALG Sander Sagosen NOR Left back 5
SLO vs SWE Jim Gottfridsson SWE Centre back 24
URU vs ESP Aitor Arino Bengoechea ESP Left wing 29
QAT vs BRN Rafael Capote QAT Left back 9
POL vs HUN Mate Lekai HUN Centre back 66
ARG vs CRO Ivan Cupic CRO Right wing 27
GER vs BRA Johannes Golla GER Line Player 4
JPN vs DEN Emil Jakobsen DEN Left wing 7
ALG vs SUI Nikola Portner SUI Goalkeeper 16
BLR vs MKD Kiril Lazarov MKD Right back 7
ISL vs NOR Goran Johannessen NOR Left back 23
SLO vs EGY Yahia Omar EGY Right back 5
POR vs FRA Andre Gomes POR Left back 27
RHF vs SWE Andreas Palicka SWE Goalkeeper 12
BRA vs URU Rogerio Morais BRA Line Player 13
BRN vs JPN Tatsuki Yoshino JPN Left back 31
ESP vs HUN Gonzalo Perez de Vargas Moreno ESP Goalkeeper 1
ARG vs QAT Frankis Marzo QAT Right back 10
POL vs GER Adam Morawski POL Goalkeeper 94
DEN vs CRO Emil Jakobsen DEN Left wing 7

To view the stats from the Preliminary Round, click HERE.

Tomorrow (Thursday 28 January), will bring you an overall review of all hummel Player of the Match awarding, including the President’s Cup and quarter-finals.

All information use data supplied by national federations at their pre-championship technical meetings. In-depth statistics can be found on the IHF Egypt 2021 mini-site HERE.