Be a Manager? You can now!

13 Jan. 2021

Be a Manager? You can now!

The manager, or coach, in handball is the glue which binds the squad of individuals together for one common goal – to play at the highest level and to win games.

Now you have a chance to be that person yourself at Egypt 2021 with a new, fun game brought to you by the IHF. Be A Manager allows you to put yourself in charge and select your very own handball dream team and play against other users during a competition – starting with Egypt 2021.

It is simple: 1) Choose your team 2) Follow the matches 3) climb the leaderboard

Visit and get started!

How to play

1. Select your dream team of 14 players participating at Egypt 2021 within your allocated 100 coin budget: 2 x goalkeepers, 2 x right wings, 2 x left wings, 2 x right backs, 2 x left backs, 2 x centre backs, 2 x pivots (line players). You can search by country, position, price or scroll through the current 1,139 players available – but be careful to check their playing status.

2. Once your squad is chosen, then select your seven-player starting line-up. The remaining players will be on the bench but can be substituted during the championship as many times as you want (not during an ongoing match)

3. During a match, players gain points by accomplishing certain tasks

4. Transfer players or use your Wild Card (free, once per championships) to change your team during a championship. You can also buy and sell players on the transfer market using your remaining coin budget. If you do not have any coin budget left, you can buy a transfer with the points you have already gained – but it will cost you two points for each transfer you complete. Players prices may change during the championship, depending on their performance.

5. The total number of gained points makes up your overall ranking

6. The winner will be determined after the final match through the ranking system

Scoring and ranking
Players can score points as follows:

Player scores a goal: 3 points
Goalkeeper scores a goal: 2 points
Player assists a goal: 2 points
Goalkeeper saves a penalty shot: 2 points
Player receives a two-minute suspension: -2 points
Player receives a yellow card: -2 points
Player commits a penalty: -3 points
Player receives a red card: -5 points

Points gained by your team during the championship will be added up. The user score is calculated based on the points gained by your team. The seven starting players get full points, while the players on your bench gain half the points, regardless whether it is a positive or negative point.

In case two users are tied in the ranking system, the advantage will be given to the user who set up the dream team first.

By the end of the competition, the winner will be determined by the total score achieved and is shown in the ranking system.