Race for quarter-finals heats up at Slovenia 2022

27 Jun. 2022

Race for quarter-finals heats up at Slovenia 2022

Live blog: The battle for a quarter-finals spot is heating up at the 23rd IHF Women’s World Championship, as we enter the second week of competition in Slovenia.

Eight games – four in the main round and four in the President’s Cup – are scheduled for Monday, with quarter-final berths ready to be handed, after the Netherlands and Sweden have already qualified for the knockout phase of the competition.

While yesterday the Netherlands and Sweden were the first teams to book their quarter-final tickets, that was not the case today. Germany were beaten by the Czech Republic, which means that Angola, who beat Slovakia today, have the best chance in Group III to book the ticket to the quarter finals. In Group IV, Hungary and Croatia won their matches. Tomorrow it will come to a showdown between the two, with Switzerland also having something to say about it.

In the President`s Cup, the winners were Austria, Poland, Romania and Lithuania. Not much surprises though.


Today’s game:

  • 14:30 CEST Romania vs Mexico (39:18) / Poland vs Kazakhstan (38:27)
  • 16:30 CEST Chile vs Lithuania (15:33) / Austria vs United States of America (34:6)
  • 18:30 CEST Angola vs Slovenia (25:21) / Croatia vs Egypt (24:17)
  • 20:30 CEST Germany vs Czech Republic (20:24) / Hungary vs Switzerland (40:23)


21:56 CEST Full-time: Germany vs Czech Republic 20:24 (14:14)

This is the second surprise in three days prompted by the gritty Czech Republic team. For 58 minutes of the game against Romania, they were out from the main round talks, but bounced back and secured the essential seven-goal win that helped them progress in the competition. This time around, it was Germany who paid the price of missing too many shots and delivering a staggering amount of turnovers, as the Czech side secured their third win in four matches at the 2022 IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, 24:20.

It is difficult to understand just how exactly the Czech side is doing it on a game-by-game basis, but the recipe has certain ingredients that seem to appear every time they take on the court. Back Charlotte Cholevova has once again been superb – scoring eight times to improve her overall tally at Slovenia 2022 to 35 goals, the second place in the top goal scorer standings – while the defence was once again good, conceding only 20 goals. Their average number of goals conceded per game at Slovenia 2022 is now 24.2, with a blip on the radar represented by the 25:36 loss against Angola.

On the other side, Germany have been definitely hurting after losing centre back Lucy Jörgens, with no player being closely able to match her output throughout the game. Nina Engel and Lara Seidel have only managed one goal between them in the last 50 minutes of the match, while their 13 turnovers are too much for a match in this phase of the competition.

The maths for the quarter-finals are quite convoluted, with nothing certain, neither Angola progressing to the next phase – albeit their progression is virtually secure – nor Slovenia being definitely out of contention for a quarter-finals spot. Tomorrow, the four sides are back in the Golovec Arena, with Angola facing Germany and the Czech Republic trying their best to beat hosts Slovenia.

Group III standings: 1. Angola 4p (2g, goal difference +15), 2. Germany 2p (1g, goal difference +2), 3. Czech Republic 2p (2g, goal difference -7), 4. Slovenia 0p (2g, goal difference -10)


21:53 CEST Full-time: Hungary vs Switzerland 40:23 (20:11)

Hungary dominated the entire match and in the end, had an impressive 86% chance conversion rate. The best scorer of the game, however, came from Switzerland. Line player Tabea Schmid scored eight times and had a 100% goal rate. 

In Group IV it remains open. Hungary have the best chances of reaching the quarter-finals with their thumping victory over Switzerland. Especially as they have a reassuring points cushion with +36. That should actually be enough. Unless Croatia really turn up the heat tomorrow and win outright, if Switzerland then also wins by a large margin against Egypt, then it could still be close for Hungary. 

But that's if it weren't for the word if. It's theoretical arithmetic again. And we have already seen at this world championship that even favourites can stumble and underdogs can win.

Group IV standings: 1. Hungary 4p (2g, goal difference +36), 2. Croatia 2p (2g, goal difference +6), 3. Switzerland 2p (2g,  goal difference -16), 4. Egypt 0p (2g, goal difference -26)


21:33 CEST Srpova puts a wall between Germany and the goal

Never a dull moment with this Czech Republic team. After a tough loss against Angola, they bounced back and sealed their main round spot with a seven-goal win against Romania, the minimum needed for progression. This time around, they did not back down even when they were three goals down and have built a three-goal lead, 18:15, after the first 11 minutes of the second half, when Germany could only muster one goal, with their attack being stopped in its tracks by a superb start from goalkeeper Adela Srpova, who saved six of the first seven shots she faced for an outstanding 85% saving efficiency.

This is looking more and more similar with Czech Republic’s win against Romania two days ago. A similar result would enable Dusan Poloz’s side to stay alive in contention for a quarter-finals spot. Sure, after that loss against Angola, they would also like the African side to clinch a win against Germany, provided they also win against Slovenia, which could prove entirely possible. The main thing is, though, that this team really believes in its strength.


Hungary vs Switzerland


21:05 CEST Half-time Hungary vs Switzerland 20:11

Switzerland goes down to defeat. Even if you knew beforehand that it would be difficult for Switzerland, you would not have expected such a clear lead from Hungary. After all, Switzerland showed an excellent game against Croatia. But now their efficiency is only 55% in contrast to Croatia. They know how to convince with 83%. 

Will the Swiss defence manage to get a grip on the Croatian key players? They definitely have to make sure that they don't concede too many goals, because the goal difference will probably play a big role when it comes to making it into the quarter-finals. Depending on what Croatia shows tomorrow in the match against Hungary. 


21:04 CEST Half-time Germany vs Czech Republic 14:14

Cholevova being back on the court really energised the Czech Republic. The left back improved her overall tally in the tournament to 31 goals in four games after scoring four goals in quick succession to bring back her side to a one-goal deficit, 10:9, after 21 minutes. It is in these exact moments when Germany lack the spark and creativity previously brought by Jörgens, but their mettle will be tested in this crucial game, which can define their tournament.

Czech Republic really pushed Germany in this half, cutting the gap to a single goal multiple times. The key was that they have never tied the game until the last minute, as Germany constantly stopped their opponents in the most important moments. But a great defensive effort and a superb fast break, converted by Klara Kubalkova, tied the score at 14. Remember, Czech Republic were also level at the break against Romania, with the exact same score, and in the second half they won by seven goals. Wishful thinking?


20:47 CEST Successful start for Hungary

So far, Hungary have been the dominant team and have managed to build up a comfortable lead of 5 goals after 15 minutes.

Switzerland is accompanied by loud fans with cowbells. Not for nothing has the federation organised a fan trip. "The team spirit in this squad is unbelievable," said coach Damian Gwerder before the game. He went on to say: "Hungary is hardly within reach." That seems to be true now. 


20:46 CEST Germany edge close to quarter finals

Czech Republic’s coach, Dusan Poloz, has surprised when he started the match without the team’s top scorer, Charlotte Cholevova, but the move looked to be paying dividends, after centre back Denisa Holenakova had a superb start, scoring three goals in the space of five minutes. It turned out that those were the Czech side’s only goals in the first 11 minutes of the game, as Germany used a 3:0 run to gain the upper hand, as left wing Lara Seidel and right back Nina Engel combined for six of Germany’s first seven goals.

Sure, Cholevova was slotted in as the Czech side started to falter, but will it turn out to be the move that helped Germany seal their quarter-finals berth? Andre Fuhr’s side are missing their centre back, Lucy Jörgens, who is out of the tournament after a shoulder injury, and that could still prove important over the course of the game. With 14 minutes elapsed, Germany are leading, 8:4.


19:54 CEST Full-time: Angola vs Slovenia 25:21 (17:7)

Slovenia believed in a comeback throughout the whole game, but it was always a tough proposition when facing a team so motivated as Angola. Sure, the level of the African side dropped in the second half, with them scoring only seven goals in the first 23 minutes. But it was too little too late, as the 10-goal gap at the break was impossible to cut down to normal proportions during the second part of the match. However, that half just proved that Angola can be beaten, if a team frustrates them enough in attack.

It is easier said than done, but the African side has really proven their worth against the Czech Republic and Slovenia. They are a team not to be taken lightly, boasting every quality possible for a team that challenges high, apart from a small lack of discipline in defence. Angola will surely be tested against stronger teams in the next matches, but right now they created their best-ever streak in the competition, a three-game winning run, which will give them even more confidence.

Slovenia are not out, but their path for a quarter-finals spot is out of their hands. Mathematically, they will be eliminated if Germany beat the Czech Republic, earning their fourth win in a row in the next match, while Angola are to secure their best-ever performance in the competition if Andre Fuhr’s side secures the two points. Their lack of focus at the start of the games must be addressed, despite the good second half, where they even cut Angola’s lead to four goals, 24:20. Once again, left back Erin Novak was their top scorer, with six goals, all scored in the second half improving her overall tally at Slovenia 2022 to 26 goals.

Group III standings: 1. Angola 4p (2g, goal difference +15), 2. Germany 2p (1g, goal difference +6), 3. Slovenia 0p (2g, goal difference -10), 4. Czech Republic 0p (1g, goal difference -11)




19:53 CEST Full-time: Croatia vs Egypt 24:17 (14:9)

Croatia manage to turn the game around. After a slow start after the break, they really turned up the heat and were able to increase their lead to 7 goals in the end. For Egypt, it is now a matter of keeping the last shred of hope. They have to win against Switzerland tomorrow, while they have to lose against Hungary in the match that starts at 20:30. Croatia would then also have to lose to Hungary tomorrow and, to top it all off, the goal difference would have to be right. So to reach the quarter-finals, everything would have to work out. 

Croatia, on the other hand, have increased their chances of reaching the quarter-finals. They, too, have to hope for a Swiss defeat and then beat Hungary tomorrow. To do that, they have to get into the game better than they did today and, above all, create more chances. Because Hungary has presented itself very well in the tournament so far. That is not an easy task.

Group IV standings: 1. Hungary 2p (1g , goal difference +19), 2. Croatia 2p (2g, goal difference +6), 3. Switzerland 2p (1g, goal difference +1), 4. Egypt 0p (1g, -36)


19:39 CEST Shift in momentum, but Angola still on the top

Angola were a bit late after the break and their coach, Jose Chuma, has received a warning for delaying the start of the second half. It was just as Angola thought that the win was in the bag and the momentum has disappeared completely from their game, with Slovenia replying with a 3:0 run to start the game, with Chuma being forced to take a timeout after only four minutes and 42 seconds in the second half.

However, the gap looks too high. Angola have bounced back after the timeout, they are still not the same team from the first half, as the number of turnovers has ballooned. But apart from a good start, Slovenia have also been disappointing. Novak and Klemencic, their best players, have got into the groove, combining for eight goals, but Angola are still leading this game, 21:14 with 15 minutes to go.


19:38 CEST Who has the longer breath and the greater efficiency?

Egypt came back from the break much better than Croatia. A 4-0 run within 10 minutes brought them to within one goal of Croatia. They scored the first goal one minute later. After 15 minutes they restored the old lead of 3 goals. 

Nevertheless, everything is still open. Have Croatia caught themselves or is there another goal drought like in halftime 1? At least Egypt's goalkeeper Mennaallah Osman can convince with 8 saves and makes life difficult for Croatia. 




Half-time: Croatia vs Egypt 14:9 

Croatia were able to increase their lead a little. One of the reasons was that Egypt missed too many chances. Their quota has dropped to 47%. What works on both sides, however, is the defence and so no more goals were scored in the last 2:10 minutes. There were also no goals for fans on either side to celebrate between the 21st and 23rd minutes. So in the end, will low efficiency take away Egypt's chance of reaching the quarter-finals or can they go one better? Goalkeeper Mennaallah Osman has also made 4 saves so far, and together with the defence, she is trying everything to keep her chance of winning alive. To do that, the balls have to go in at the front as well. 

Croatia's Bruna Zrnić can be taken as an example. She is the best goal scorer of the game so far, with 5 of 7 attempts in the net. 


19:04 CEST Half-time: Angola vs Slovenia 17:7

The most remarkable thing about this Angola team is not the scoreline in this game at the break or their results in the competition so far, but rather the way they play at Slovenia 2022. They are a highly athletic team, which was surely expected of them, but the sheer speed they boast in attack, the strength in their shots and the handball IQ displayed on the court are truly remarkable. This is definitely one of the feel-good stories at the 2022 IHF Women’s Junior World Championship and if the score line will be kept until the end, Angola are due to deliver their best-ever performance in the competition, making it to the quarter-finals.

Counting out the loss against Romania, 23:26, in the first match, the African side shocked their European opponents with the exciting handball they played – both in attack and in defence – as neither the Czech Republic, nor Slovenia managed to stay afloat in the games they played against Angola. Surely, at this level of age, things are bound to fluctuate, but Jose Chuma’s side have proven to be remarkably consistent. All of this as centre back Stella Pascoal, Angola’s captain, has scored six goals, one less than the whole Slovenia team.

On the other hand, Slovenia, who are down 17:7 at the break, will need to mount a serious comeback. Their top scorer in the tournament, Erin Novak, has failed to score in the first half, missing two penalties, while line player Valentina Klemencic also failed to make her mark in attack and in defence. At this score, Slovenia – who just delivered their worst performance in the first half in their history in the tournament, scoring seven goals, three less than against Hungary in the Round of 16 four years ago - are virtually eliminated from contention, as they need three results to go their way – a Czech win against Germany, them winning against the Czech side and Angola to secure another win against Germany in the last round.


18:49 CEST Tight match between Croatia and Egypt

In the first quarter of an hour, no team can decisively break away. Croatia are leading 8:5, but Egypt are stepping on the gas to close the gap. They just have to make better use of their chances. At the moment, they only score every second try. Croatia, on the other hand, have a goal-scoring efficiency of 75%. 

It remains to be seen which team will have more staying power in the end. Both teams are without points so far and need to win today to keep their chances of reaching the quarter-finals alive. 


18:47 CEST Angola deliver huge blow for Slovenia in the first minutes

Angola’s goalkeeper, Domingas Manuela Samuel Mpangu, has been nothing short of amazing in the first minutes of the game, saving six shots to help her team create a 7:0 cushion after only 10 minutes. Once again, Slovenia’s shortcomings at the start of the matches come to haunt them, as they have been constantly failing to score, with the aggressive defence of Angola prevailing in almost every duel. Moreover, with Slovenia’s future in the competition on the line, the African side just steamrolled the hosts to start the game, as Sebastjan Oblak was forced to call a timeout.

It was a masterclass from Angola to start the game – now leading 9:2 with 13 minutes gone - and their coach, Jose Terca Chuma, really motivates the side and makes the right adjustments when needed. Slovenia needed 11 minutes and 18 seconds for their first goal of the match and it is not easy to envision the same scenario like in the match against Norway and Denmark, when Norway started with a 8:0 run and won the game thanks to that run. With a win, Angola will virtually be in the main round, with their place confirmed if Germany do not lose against the Czech Republic in the next match in the Golovec Arena.


17:55 CEST Full-time Chile vs Lithuania 15:33 (8:14)

After three consecutive defeats in the group stage, Lithuania earned their first points in the tournament, taking a commanding win against Chile in the President's Cup. The European team relied on good defence and excellent goalkeeping by Skirmante Gecaite, who was named the Player of the Match, and their shot efficiency was far better – 69% compared to Chile's 36%.

Following this result, both rivals are level on two points, but Lithuania hold the second position in Group III behind Romania, as their goal difference is better than Chile's. Anyway, the final standings of both teams in the group will be determined tomorrow, when Chile will play Romania, and Lithuania will face Mexico.


Chile vs Lithuania


17:54 CEST Full-time Austria vs United States of America 34:6 (20:6)

The gap between Austria and the USA is big, enough to lift the European side to a 28-goal win, 34:6, against the team that makes its comeback at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship for the first time in 41 years. Lacking the proper experience, but eager to develop, the USA have taken some big losses at Slovenia 2022, this one included, as they are likely to head to play for the 29-32 places in the final standings. In fact, they failed to score a goal in the second half, with Austria’s goalkeeper, Denise Kaufmann, finishing the match with 11 saves for an unprecedented 100% saving efficiency, never seen before in this edition of the competition. They still have one game against Kazakhstan left in the President’s Cup, but their status will be the one of the underdogs.

On the other hand, Austria eye winning this group, but for that they will need another win – their third at Slovenia 2022 – against Poland tomorrow. That game is definitely harder, but it will be another chance for right back Kristina Dramac to shine. Austria’s sharpshooter is the best scorer in the competition so far, with 41 goals, while her efficiency throughout the tournament has also been quite impressive, converting 66.5% of the shots she made.


17:37 CEST Lithuania continue to dominate

The scenario of the match did not change after the break. Lithuania continued to dominate and rely on good defence – Chile have only scored four goals in the second half so far. In Lithuanian attack, no player really stands out, but as many as 10 of them have already netted at least once. The score 23:12 with 15 minutes to go suggests that the European team will cruise to a victory.


17:07 CEST Half-time: Chile vs Lithuania 7:14

Will Lithuania celebrate their first win in the tournament? After the first half it looks like they have a good chance. Good defence and saves by Skirmante Gecaite were the key factors that helped the European side to dominate in the opening 30 minutes. Chile need to improve their shot efficiency, which is now only 35%, to hit back after the break.


17:03 CEST Half-time: Austria vs United States of America 20:6

So much for USA’s good start. Austria finished the first half with a 15:2 run, as their opponents only managed to score just two goals in the last 19 minutes and 32 seconds of the game. It prompted two timeouts from the USA to really get going, but their attack plummeted, while goalkeeper Kerstin Sender boasted a 44% saving efficiency for Austria. However, it was not the misses that costed the USA, but the turnovers, in fact, 14 of them.

The game is as good as over and now the only question is how far will Austria go in this match. The USA conceded twice losses of 23 goals and one of 41 goals at Slovenia 2022, so it will likely be how many goals Austria want to score in this match.




16:48 CEST Lithuania takes control

Seven minutes into the game, the score was just 1:1, as both teams defended better than thy attacked – and both goalkeepers, Lithuania's Skirmante Gecaite and Chile's Isidora Munizaga, made some excellent saves.

But then Lithuania improved their shot efficiency and took control of the match. After 15 minutes, they are in front 6:3, and Chile has already taken a time-out, hoping to improve things as quickly as possible.


16:47 CEST USA deliver their best start at Slovenia 2022

USA celebrated scoring the first goal in the game like a win and this is just a little triumph for a team that is still trying to improve on their terms. For the first seven minutes in this match, they provided the best handball they played at Slovenia 2022, in front of serious opposition, with goalkeeper Lani Gronwald saving two shots and the score staying close in Austria’s favour, 3:2.

Eventually, as time passed, Austria started to build upon the difference between the two sides. Kristina Dramac has already scored four times and jumped to the top of the goal scorer standings, with 34 goals, while the gap has been getting bigger and bigger, now standing at 9:4, with 15 minutes to go in the first half.


16:20 CEST Another challenge for the USA

From the youngest of age categories to the senior team, Austria are designed to play a fast-paced type of handball, with plenty of players who can design a fast conclusion to any attack. It is no coincidence that the assistant coach of the senior national team, Helfried Muller, is also the head coach of the junior side, therefore we expect more of the same from Austria in the match against the USA.

After conceding a painful 5:46 loss against Hungary in the preliminary round, the USA will play again against an European team, another moment to learn from more experienced opponents. It will also be Austria’s back Kristina Dramac’s chance to shine once again, as she scored 30 goals in three matches in the preliminary round. She only needs three more to top the goal scorer standings again, with Dutch back Kim Molenaar now in the front place, with 32 goals.


15:58 CEST Full-time: Poland vs Kazakhstan 38:27 (17:14)

Poland are now leading this President’s Cup group with four points, two more than Austria, who they will meet tomorrow. But it was not an easy match for them, at least for 45 minutes, until Kazakhstan’s lack of depth took over. The Asian side only had 14 players on the scoresheet and in their fourth game in the competition in six games, they totally imploded on the final stretch. Instead, Poland had vastly changed lines throughout the game and it proved to be crucial, as their more experienced players pulled no punches in the last 15 minutes of the game.

The 38:27 win helped Poland stop a two-game losing skid, which definitely hurt, especially the match against Egypt. And it was left back Julia Niewiadomska who really shined in this match, with nine goals, as she improved her overall tally at Slovenia 2022 to 25 goals. Kazakhstan conceded the fourth loss and will play tomorrow against USA in a bid to avoid the last place in the Group IV of the President’s Cup.


Poland vs Kazakhstan



15:55 Full-time: Romania vs Mexico 39:18 (21:10)

Romania struggled in the opening quarter of the match, but ultimately showed their true quality and celebrated a big win. Notably, they netted 15 times from fast breaks, which was their lethal weapon. With four points, Romania top President's Cup Group III, but Chile may go level with them if they beat Lithuania – this match will start today at 16:30, also at Zlatorog Arena.

Mexico fought hard early in the game, but their quality was simply not enough to deny Romania a win. The team suffered their fourth straight defeat in the competition, but tomorrow they will have a realistic chance to end this unlucky run against Lithuania.


15:37 CEST Niewiadomska helps Poland control the game

The game is not getting any easier for Poland, which has been constantly under pressure. Entering Kazakhstan’s rhythm from the start, Poland have not been able to open a gap larger than three goals, therefore the Asian side is still very much in the game, with right wing Zhanerke Seitkassym scoring six times. Poland’s most experienced player, left back Julia Niewiadomska, has also scored eight goals, but it is the rest of the team that disappointed until this moment.

Sure, Poland have a tough game against Austria tomorrow, which will decide who wins this group, but not playing fully focused has yielded surprising results, as highlighted by Romania’s seven-goal loss against the Czech Republic or yesterday’s France loss against Montenegro. It is only in the last seven minutes of the game when they really amped up their defence and went on a 4:1 run that produced a five-goal gap, 26:21.


Romania vs Mexico


15:35 CEST Romania quickly extended their lead 

After the break, Romania continued to fully dominate on the court. They enjoyed a 6:0 run before Mexico scored their first goal in the second half in the 38th minute. The Romanians, who had problems with their shot efficiency early in the match, now finish nearly every attack with a goal.

Besides, their defence is rock-solid, so the European team lead 32:12 with 15 minutes to go. Alexandra Dumitrascu has a special impact, as she has already netted nine times. Mexico, who have so far scored just twice after the restart, have no chance to avoid their fourth straight defeat.


15:05 CEST Half-time: Romania vs Mexico 21:10

After a slow start, Romania improved a lot over the course of the first half, and they have already hit the 20-goal mark. Thanks to a well-organized defence, they managed to score seven goals from fast breaks and improved their shot efficiency to 75%.

Mexico should be praised for their commitment, but now it looks unlikely that they will grab their first points in the competition in this game.


15:04 CEST Half-time: Poland vs Kazakhstan 17:14

Kazakhstan have some players in their roster who have already taken up the court at the senior IHF Women’s World Champions in Spain 2021, such as Zlata Zvyagina, Zhanerke Seitkassym and Xeniya Pupchenkova and they have all been of great help in this game against Poland, combining for 10 goals in the first half. It’s definitely Kazakhstan’s best half at Slovenia 2022 up until this point in the competition and they should definitely be proud of what they achieved in front of a more experienced side.

Poland, on the other hand, were erratic at times and made too many easy mistakes. But a 4:0 run, which prevented Kazakhstan to score for four minutes and 20 seconds, was the building block of their current gap, three goals, after 30 minutes. The European side continues to be the favourite in the match, but they still need improvement in the second part.


14:48 CEST Kazakhstan enjoy good start against Poland

It has not been a dream start Poland, in fact, it was the total opposite for the first nine minutes, when Kazakhstan jumped to an early 5:2 lead, as Poland’s attack suffered mightily, with an efficiency of 38%. But Kazakhstan’s main scorer in this competition, back Zlata Zvyagina, who had scored 21 goals before this match, has also failed to score at least one goal, missing two shots. Instead, it was wing Zhanerke Seitkassym who carried the load, converting a fast break and adding two more goals to keep Kazakhstan in front.

After 11 minutes, Poland took a timeout, which helped them recalibrate. Despite missing a few shots, back Julia Niewiadomska was still influential, with two goals and one assist, as Poland took the lead for the first time, 7:6, with 15 minutes to go in the first half. Yet this game is harder than they thought.


14:47 CEST Romania gradually find their rhythm

In the opening minutes, Mexico looked more focused and determined, which resulted in their 5:2 lead. In turn, Romania looked nonchalant and missed a lot of chances. However, then they woke up and started to find their rhythm. Although the Mexican still boast a 88% shot efficiency compared to Romania's 62%, the European team is in front after 15 minutes, 9:7.


14:27 CEST Romania looking for redemption

Romania won two of their three matches in the group stage, but that was not enough to reach the main round. Obviously, the Romanians are frustrated, but now they want to get as high as possible in the President's Cup. Today they will be favourites against Mexico in a match which is about to start at Zlatorog Arena in Celje.


14:20 CEST Poland try to make it back to winning ways 

Welcome to another interesting day at the 2022 IHF Women’s Junior World Championship. It is time to see how 16 teams measure up today, with eight of them – four in the President’s Cup and four in the main round – taking the court in the Golovec Arena in Celje. Before the matches in the main round, Poland will face Kazakhstan, while Austria take on the USA.

A devastating defeat against Egypt saw Poland fail to progress to the main round, with the European side trying to make do now in the President’s Cup, as one of the six teams which failed to progress to the main round. Their first opponent is Kazakhstan, who lost all the three games played in the preliminary round, scoring only 54 goals and conceding 118. After two consecutive losses, Poland will try to make it back to the winning ways and will be favoured today against the Asian side.


14:00 CEST How to watch

Want to follow the action live in the two arenas in Celje? Then you can do so via livestream or partly also on TV. 

Viaplay, for example, today broadcasts the match of Poland. AMC / Sport 1 will cover the matches of Hungary and Czech Republic.


13:30 CEST Can other teams already secure a ticket to the main round?

The Netherlands and Sweden are already in the quarter-finals. Angola and Germany can follow them if they win their matches today. Switzerland and Hungary meet in Group IV. Both bring two points from the preliminary round. The winner of this match will also secure their ticket. Pure excitement awaits you!



12:45 CEST Heated battle at the top of the top scorer standings

The top scorer standing has undergone a refresh on Sunday, as players entered their fourth matchday. Dutch back Kim Molenaar, who was a favourite to top the charts, is now first, with 32 goals in four matches, one more than India’s Bhawana Sharna. The third place is still Kristina Dramac’s, as the Austrian back will face the USA today, the second most porous defence in the competition.

The largest number of saves in the competition was made by the Republic of Korea’s Gaeun Lee, 49, followed by Slovakia’s Viktoria Voržáčková, with 46 and India’s Chetna Devi, with 40. Lithuania’s Skirmante Gecaite is the first player to have featured in three games in that top, with 35 saves.


12:00 CEST India make huge sacrifices to get to Slovenia 2022

India have just clinched their first-ever win at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, a 31:30 triumph over the Islamic Republic of Iran on Sunday. We took a strong look on how this current roster was assembled and the big sacrifices made by the players to get to Slovenia.

“I owe everything in my life to handball. My career, the pleasure I had of playing and coaching, being part of a team, but also my marriage. I have met my wife, Snehlata, also through handball and would like to give back something to sport,” said India’s coach Sachin Chaudhury.

You can read more about India’s journey to Slovenia 2022 here. 


10:00 CEST Main round and President’s Cup throw off

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As usual, you are just one click away from every meaningful piece of information from our website and on the competition mini-site, including the schedule, the results and the freshest stats to see who’s hot and who’s not at Slovenia 2022.